• Improving patient care by streamlining clinical workflows

Our MH-CURETM enterprise mobility solution transforms smartphones into a powerful tool for streamlining clinical communication and collaboration workflow. Based on our Clinical Urgent REsponse (CURE) technology, it enables care team members to connect with each other and share pertinent, patient-specific information—quickly and efficiently—wherever they are.

MH-CURE dramatically simplifies and streamlines every aspect of care team collaboration, offering a unique set of advantages:

Unified Clinical Communications

One device, one consistent user experience for all clinical communication and collaboration activities.

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Patient-centric Collaboration

Seamlessly link care team members to the patients in their care. And vice-versa.

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Role-based Workflows

Instantly connect with the correct care team members on shift to accelerate collaboration.

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Connecting the Enterprise

Enable enterprise-wide communications with massive scalability and seamless integration.

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Experience MH-CURE

See firsthand how MH-CURE transforms clinical communication and collaboration.

MH-CURE Data Sheet

Learn how MH-CURE uses secure smartphone technology to improve patient care.