A Solution for Your Enterprise

Nurses & Clinical Staff

High-quality patient care starts with you and your team. When you have a single, unified platform for contacting your colleagues, it becomes easier than ever to find the right person and coordinate patient care effectively. Our platform puts the patient at the center of every workflow, so no matter how you’re being reached, you’ll receive it all to one device—with the context you need to make informed decisions.

Executive Leadership

Mobile Heartbeat is focused on accelerating clinical communications to enhance patient care and hospital operations. By partnering with executive leadership across clinical, IT and business operations, we customize a solution to fit the unique needs of your organization. Outcomes include higher staff satisfaction, improved patient throughput, improved HCAHPS scores, reduced non-compliance fines, reduced length of stay and lower operational costs.

IT Professionals

Consolidate all of your organization’s clinical communication into one unified platform. Certified with all leading telephony, wireless networking, EHR, nurse call and MDM vendors, Mobile Heartbeat is built to scale the enterprise. Admins have full control over user management and system settings, allowing for a fully customized experience. From install through regular upgrades, your dedicated Professional Services team provides the support you need to deliver communications reliably, securely and smoothly.


Empowering providers to communicate and collaborate with the extended care team is essential to providing efficient, high quality care. Our platform is custom-built to help providers accelerate critical decision-making while cutting through common nuisances that can cause burnout and delay patient care.

Ancillary & Operational Staff

High-quality patient care requires collaboration across all disciplines—both clinical and operational. Transport, environmental services, security, pharmacy, dietary and, facilities can all leverage the Mobile Heartbeat platform in the same capacity as clinical staff throughout the hospital. With everyone engaged on the same unified platform, communication can maximize impact without risking protected patient information.