Communication for the Enterprise

Empower your entire organization through unified collaboration.

High-quality patient care requires collaboration across all disciplines—both clinical and operational. Transport, environmental services, security, pharmacy, perioperative, dietary and facilities can all leverage the Mobile Heartbeat platform in the same capacity as clinical staff throughout the hospital. With everyone engaged on the same unified platform, communication can maximize impact without risking protected patient information.

Support Ancillary Staff Workflows

  • Supply chain staff can communicate inventory updates more efficiently

  • Pharmacy staff can take orders on their smartphone without having to doff their gear first

  • Transport can receive requests and provide updates as they move patients

  • Perioperative can more easily coordinate throughput and the delivery of supplies

Empower the Expanded Care Team

  • Make monitor techs and therapists more visible to colleagues by assigning them to the patient’s care team

  • Allow or restrict access to certain features, such as broadcasting, based on user role

  • Protect patient information by restricting access to PHI data for non-clinical roles

Urgent alerts

Cost-effective, Facility-Wide Communication

  • Leverage existing desktop computers to provide ancillary staff with the ability to communicate on the same platform

  • Enable comprehensive multidisciplinary care by deploying across the entire enterprise

  • Control who is able to self-assign to certain units or facilities

Platform Capabilities

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