Securely Engage Colleagues Across Every Department

Collaboration & Communication

Unify Your Communication and Collaboration Needs

As a patient-centric, collaborative platform, Banyan mitigates common problems like finding the right person and alarm fatigue, so that your clinical team can focus on patient care. By supplementing our collaborative tools with communication features, your staff can find everything they need in one place: the palm of their hand.
Banyan Voice and Directory

Banyan Voice™ & Directory

  • Seamless calling within EHR workflows.
  • Leverage your existing infrastructure with direct connection to existing telephony infrastructure or other cost-effective alternatives.
  • Easily find and call all users, contacts, and dynamic roles across the enterprise with a single, unified directory.
  • Assurance that calls and notifications aren’t missed or delayed by leveraging Apple’s® Local Push Connectivity API.

Banyan Messaging & Directory

  • Easily find and message all users, contacts, and dynamic roles across the enterprise with a single, unified directory.
  • User friendly, traditional messaging formats that users know and love, including one-to-one texts and group chats.
  • Quick one-to-many messaging to a pre-defined group of people — such as the care team — for seamless communication, including emergencies.
  • Dedicated spaces for groups with similar goals to collaborate and complete actions. 
Secure Messaging
HIPAA compliant communication

Banyan Patients & Care Team

  • Quick access to specific information for your assigned patients and others that you need context for – all within in a single device.
  • Single view of a patient’s care team and who you should contact – facilitating seamless care coordination.
Nurse Call Alert

Banyan Alerts & Alarms

  • Noise reduction across the unit. 
  • Easily distinguish between alerts without looking with custom sounds and tones. 
  • Provide visibility that alerts were acted on. 
  • Prevent issues before they arise. 

Banyan Reach™

  • Equip staff with an easy to use tool to keep them and patients safe.
  • Place urgent calls to dedicated numbers directly from the device home screen — reducing response time during emergent events.
Banyan Reach