Our Mission

Increase velocity across the healthcare enterprise through enhanced communication.

Our Vision

Innovate, inspire and impact collaborative care and positive patient outcomes across the healthcare continuum.

Our Values

  • We communicate honestly, clearly and transparently—with our people, products, partners and customers.
  • We innovate in all aspects of our business and we bring a passion for excellence to every endeavor.
  • We take ownership of problems that need to be solved and commitments that we have made.
  • Above all, we respect our team at Mobile Heartbeat and our responsibility to our customers and their patients.

Executive Leadership

Ron Remy

Chief Executive Officer

Ron brings over 20 years of technology management and leadership experience to Mobile Heartbeat. Previously, he was the President and CEO of Auspice Corporation, a developer of software for the broadband cable industry, acquired by Arris (NASDAQ:ARRS). Ron’s previous leadership positions include Chief Operating Officer of Modiv Media and BioMed 20/20 Technologies. Ron began his career as a systems engineer for Sun Microsystems. He holds a BS in electrical engineering from Brown University and an MBA from Harvard University.

Saji Aravind, CTO of Mobile Heartbeat.

Saji Aravind

Chief Technology Officer

Saji brings 15 years of experience in building innovative software solutions to the role of Chief Technology Officer at Mobile Heartbeat. In addition to providing technical guidance to the team and the implementation of Mobile Heartbeat technology solutions, he is also responsible for the overall system architecture. Prior to Mobile Heartbeat, he worked as Chief Architect at Modiv Media (now part of Catalina Marketing) to design and deliver the innovative mobile shopping systems for the retail industry. Saji holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering from the University of Calicut.

Mike Detjen

Chief Operating Officer

Mike has over 20 years of experience building high-performing teams. In his role as Chief Operating Officer, Mike is responsible for the product, partner, and customer implementation/support functions. Prior to joining Mobile Heartbeat in 2014, he held leadership positions with Dovetail Health (acquired by Optum) and Arcadia Solutions. Mike began his career building and delivering complex technology-based solutions for AMS (now CGI) and Sapient. Mike has a degree in computer science from Virginia Tech.

Mike Iwanek, VP of Support and Solutions for Mobile Heartbeat.

Mike Iwanek

VP, Technical Solutions & Support

Mike has been working with the technical side of the product since the inception of Mobile Heartbeat. Initially working in Product Design, Technical Support and Quality Assurance in the UK and the US, Mike has worked on every deployment of Mobile Heartbeat and the design and delivery of every product feature. Mike has a degree in modern history and international relations from the University of East Anglia in the UK.

Diane Fokas

VP, Sales

Diane is an accomplished Vice President of Sales with more than 20 years of success across the high-tech and healthcare industries. She has held sales leadership positions at Polycom, Cisco and most recently at IronMountain Inc. in the Cloud Storage division. At Mobile Heartbeat she is responsible for our sales organization and partner relationships. She leverages Agile-inspired methodologies that enable cross-functional teams to deliver high-impact results. Diane holds a BA in Social & Behavioral Sciences from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She is currently enrolled in the SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University completing the “Psychology of Leadership” program.