A Patient-Centric Collaborative Platform

Communicate With Confidence​

MH-CURE mitigates common problems like finding the right person and alarm fatigue, so that your clinical team can focus on patient care. By supplementing our collaborative tools with communication features, your staff can find everything they need in one place: the palm of their hand.


Secure Texting

It goes without saying that our secure texting is HIPAA-compliant, but that’s not all. MH-CURE’s texting allows you to link directly to a patient’s details screen and designate urgency on text messages so the receiver is visually alerted to an important message and can navigate directly to a patient’s screen with a single tap.

HD VoIP Calling

When you’re in the middle of a crucial phone call, the last thing you should be worrying about is poor call quality. Our HD VoIP Calling has been optimized for the Wi-Fi networks and devices our customers use. You’ll be able to hear the other person like they’re in the room with you – from pick up to hang up.
Secure texting
Broadcast messaging


When you need to send critical information to a group of people quickly, broadcasts ensure the right message gets to the right people, fast. Commonly used for stroke response, security alerts or facility-wide messages, broadcasts empower you to mobilize people when it counts.


Pagers are an important part of healthcare, which is why MH-CURE integrates seamlessly with paging systems, enabling bi-directional messaging between users who love their pagers and those who are ready for a smartphone.



Dynamic Roles

  • For when you know the role, but don’t know who is currently in that role. Dynamic roles allow you to contact a role rather than a specific user, so you can get the information you need without having to search for someone’s name and number.

Inbound Alerting

  • MH-CURE integrates with nurse call, patient monitoring and other technologies vital to high quality care. Millions of these alerts are delivered directly to our users each month resulting in quieter units, more relaxed patients and clinicians that can focus on the alerts relevant to them.

Mobile Workflow

  • Our platform provides a customizable interface that enables seamless launching between the MH-CURE application and other apps on the mobile device while maintaining patient context.