Improving Patient Care Through Strategic Communication

Eliminate the common barriers to patient care.

Empowering providers to communicate and collaborate with the extended care team is essential to providing efficient, high quality care. Our platform is custom-built to help providers accelerate critical decision-making while cutting through common nuisances that can cause burnout and delay patient care.

A CMO’s Perspective

Return Time to Care

  • Easily find who is taking care of your patient today

  • Enterprise Directory makes it easy to find and engage with anyone across the organization

  • Leverage the paging integration to receive all your communications to one device

  • Pre-configured messages allow for quicker responses to care team communications

Connect When You Want, Wherever You Are

  • Assign yourself to multiple units and multiple facilities for maximum flexibility

  • Receive critical lab values and remotely monitor patients through certified telemetry integrations

  • Send and receive photo messages to coordinate patient care from anywhere

  • Quickly facilitate the discharge process or virtual rounding with care team group chat

Protect Your Privacy, Control Your Availability

  • Append a custom status message to indicate your availability to colleagues

  • Tag other users in your status so colleagues can view the chain of command at a glance

  • Real-time user presence means you’re only reachable when you want to be

  • Identify yourself as on-call using Dynamic Role

  • Call masking disguises your phone number to protect your privacy

Adoption made easy—check out our best practices for providing physicians with a comprehensive communications solution.