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Improve your outcomes and ROI with clinical communication.

Mobile Heartbeat is focused on accelerating clinical communications to enhance patient care and hospital operations. By partnering with executive leadership across clinical, IT and business operations, we customize a solution to fit the unique needs of your organization. Outcomes include higher staff satisfaction, improved patient throughput, improved HCAHPS scores, reduced non-compliance fines, reduced length of stay and lower operational costs.

Promote Better Patient Outcomes

  • Provide staff with a solution that reduces the likelihood of miscommunication helping to lower the occurrence of common medical errors
  • Throughput: Achieve a 20% faster Radiology turnaround time and 15% faster ED admissions by utilizing group chat
  • Routing alerts directly to clinician smartphones means a quieter environment that fosters healing

Strengthen Staff Satisfaction

  • Equip clinicians with a communication tool that’s easy to adopt and they enjoy using
  • Reduce steps taken during a typical 8hr nursing shift by 38%
  • Reduce ambient noise by up to 50% by routing all alerts and alarms directly to the caregiver
  • Eliminate nuisance calls caused by lack of context

Improve Your Bottom Line

  • Leverage one, cost-effective platform that can be used on hospital-owned smartphones, existing desktop computers and personal BYOD devices
  • Reduce non-compliance fees and avoid HIPAA fine violations by utilizing a HIPAA compliant communication solution
  • Improve patient throughput and reduce length of stay by 9.5%
  • Lower overall operational costs by eliminating the need for unnecessary apps and devices
  • Bed-based pricing model encourages enterprise adoption and engagement

Mobilize Your Crisis Response

  • Keep staff connected with enterprise-wide bidirectional communication capabilities, even when other systems fail
  • Mirror command structure and identify key roles within the system for better preparedness and response
  • Support an iterative training process with post-event communication data and analytics
Dynamic roles

Platform Capabilities:

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