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Kjell Pu is a thoughtful, coordinated application support expert with years of experience analyzing customer usage data and consolidating advanced processes to streamline clinical workflows. Kjell creates the best user experience through his driven work ethic and conscientious attitude. He is a great example of the comprehensive, prompt application support that Mobile Heartbeat provides.

Can You Tell Me About Your Decision to Pursue Engineering?

It wasn’t exactly an active decision, I happened to fall into it, but I knew I wanted to end up in the technology space with my career.  In school, I studied biology and originally wasn’t in this type of tech-specific role. In my first job, I was actually collecting data on fishing practices for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

I wanted to scratch that data itch in this biology/data hybrid position. I ended up going out on fishing boats with fishermen and lived at sea for a little. It wasn’t as fun as it sounds—I wanted a job with heat, air conditioning and a regular schedule. After a few years, I ended up at Mobile Heartbeat in a support role, working a lot closer with our software than I initially expected. I ended up in a really interesting position, and I had to learn a lot quickly.

What Made You Want to Work at Mobile Heartbeat?

There are a few things that stood out to me. I liked the size of Mobile Heartbeat. Just by the nature of a company this size, there is opportunity to enact change and make an impact that you can truly see. In my interview process, I got to meet our leadership firsthand and got the sense that they cared a lot about getting to know candidates and potential new hires. It spoke to the culture of our company.

I also liked the learning opportunity my position would be. The healthcare space was an industry I felt somewhat familiar with but was eager to learn more about each moving piece within EHR systems.

How Would You Describe Your Work?

I manage an application support team, so we are responsible for handling issues that customers report or answering questions they have. This involves anything from questions about how our application behaves, to their individual roadblocks, to everything in between. My team is responsible for working through these requests and connecting our customers with the correct parties necessary to handle their requests or resolve any concerns as quickly as possible.

Customer requests are the priority, but I am also a big fan of creating tools that enable our employees to do their jobs as independently and efficiently as possible. One of my additional projects was reimagining and reconstructing the documentation process around supporting MH-CURE. That’s an ongoing, ever-evolving project I have taken on.

There is also a lot of data we obtain through our support ticketing portal that we can use to inform how our platform is molded in the future. Utilizing our data constructively is another project I am working on. The data that my team collects relates to what areas of MH-CURE our customers have trouble understanding. That’s the other sector of data I have been looking at to absorb and to inform our future application solutions.

How Does It Feel to Know Your Work Impacts Patient Care?

My work at Mobile Heartbeat is pretty behind the scenes. My team and I aren’t able to directly interact with our end users face-to-face, but we do spend time collaborating with our customer IT teams or the project teams we are reinforcing during a Go-Live.

We are eager to support our users on the back end of things by ensuring the structure we have laid implementing MH-CURE is secure. We positively impact patient care by laying the necessary groundwork to improve their workflows.

There is a lot of planning that goes into upgrading and implementing our software, so when we release a new version, we need to make sure everything is intact to be executed as smoothly as possible for our end users.

How Have You Seen Mobile Heartbeat Evolve?

One of the most notable things is that Mobile Heartbeat and MH-CURE have grown up. We have had to mature a lot as a company in terms of some of our processes and how we segment roles and responsibilities. In terms of our product, it looks very different now than it did, even when I joined just 3 years ago. The look and feel of the product itself feel very different.

Now that we have the Banyan platform on the horizon, my team is gearing up to support Banyan-related tickets as well. Banyan is the future of Mobile Heartbeat, and we are prepared to support that.

My image of the future is Mobile Heartbeat driving Banyan as the collaborative cloud-based platform for healthcare. Using cloud-enabled software is becoming standard in the tech space, so it’s rewarding to see Mobile Heartbeat evolving in that way.

Congratulations on Receiving Mobile Heartbeat’s 365 Hero Award! What Has Inspired You to Go Above and Beyond for Mobile Heartbeat Customers?

It was an honor to be nominated for this award, and to hear that I transformed our support team. I look up to the people at Mobile Heartbeat nominated before me as impactful colleagues here, and I just feel honored to be included in that group of people.

I feel there is something to say for putting forth your best work, no matter what you are doing. Putting forth the highest quality work out of respect for my colleagues, our end-users and myself has always felt like the right thing to do. That is what drives me, and I am gratified by what I consider doing good work.

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