Introducing the Banyan Platform: Customizable Collaboration for Clinicians



Mobile Heartbeat has been in the business of enterprise clinical communication and collaboration for a long time. We’ve spent over a decade studying clinical workflows and building cutting-edge tools to optimize and expedite the care coordination process. Over this time, we’ve heard from thousands of clinicians about what’s working—and what’s not—in their day-to-day communication workflows.

We’ve also spent thousands of hours working with the unsung heroes of clinical communications: the information technology team. These experts know firsthand how critical it is for clinical communications to simply work. Our close collaboration with both our customers’ clinical users and our technology partners has helped us to create a vision for the next generation of Mobile Heartbeat products.

That’s why we’re proud to announce the Banyan™ Platform, our cloud-hosted, modular suite of communication tools we are building in partnership with Microsoft to enhance care team collaboration and accelerate time to care. We see the Banyan Platform providing advanced clinical communication capabilities while simplifying the IT environment on which it runs by leveraging existing investments already made with Microsoft.

Just like the eponymous tree, the Banyan Platform will host an ecosystem of modular clinical applications with the mission of providing a completely customizable collaborative solution. As we continue to add new applications, healthcare organizations will be able to tailor the Banyan Platform to the unique needs of their users for maximum flexibility.

The Banyan Vision

Healthcare organizations have been increasingly recognizing the value of cloud technology, and it’s no longer considered a futuristic infrastructure. Simplified IT spend and support, quicker startup times, easier user onboarding and smoother upgrades are just a few reasons why organizations are investing more and more in cloud-hosted solutions.

But that’s not the only reason we’re developing a platform for cloud. By building a collaborative partnership with Microsoft, we are leveraging Azure and Azure Communication Services to provide a solution that customers can rely on, and one that will seamlessly interoperate with their existing technology.

A New Frontier for Calling

Today, we’re proud to unveil Banyan Voice, an integrated calling solution, and the very first application on Banyan. We’ve applied our expertise from a decade-plus experience supporting VoIP calling in healthcare to a modular, easy-to-deploy cloud application.

Banyan Voice also supports a seamless integration within your healthcare organization’s mobile EHR for an instantaneous calling experience. Beyond this integration with the EHR, we’ve engineered Banyan Voice to deliver an unmatched level of call quality and reliability, so that every call reaches the intended recipient with crystal-clear call quality.


Future-Proofing Collaboration

Banyan Voice is only the first application on the Banyan Platform. We are working on the next applications, and we’re excited to keep you updated as we bring these to market.

With this new technology available to customers, we’ll be offering an entirely flexible experience that will help clinicians collaborate to advance patient care. Keep an eye out over the coming months for more exciting news about the Banyan Platform and Banyan Voice. For more information about these exciting new products, download our one-pager here.

Mike Detjen, COO

Mike has over 20 years of experience building high-performing teams. In his role as Chief Operating Officer, Mike is responsible for the product, partner, and customer implementation/support functions. Mike has a degree in computer science from Virginia Tech.

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