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Better Care

Connect the entire care team with MH-CURE® and Zebra mobile devices.

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MH-CURE is the proven collaboration platform for enterprise healthcare delivery organizations. Our patient-centric software solution pairs with Zebra mobile computers and tablets to streamline and accelerate communication and transform the way high-quality care is delivered.

  • 10

    Shorter Length
    of Stay

  • 87

    Faster Nurse
    Call Response

  • 10

    Faster ED

  • 38

    Fewer Steps
    During Shift

Streamline Communication and Collaboration Across the Entire Care Team

Transform operational processes with a flexible solution that brings all collaboration tools together in one place. Now, users can view all their messages and alerts, connect with colleagues, access patient records and review schedules in one application, on one device.

NURSES & CLINICAL STAFF Connect clinical teams to put the patient at the center of every workflow.

PHYSICIANS & PROVIDERS Help physicians and providers accelerate critical decision-making.

SUPPORT & OPERATIONAL STAFF Mobilize operational staff for maximum impact throughout the hospital.

IT PROFESSIONALS Leverage existing IT infrastructure and streamline system management.

EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP Give leaders the tools they need to drive excellence throughout operations.

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A Solution for the Whole Health System

Find and engage colleagues across departments and facilities. MH-CURE puts the patient at the center of every workflow, so no matter how you’re being reached, you’ll receive it all to one device—with the context you need to make informed decisions.

Eliminate common barriers to patient care. MH-CURE is custom-built to help you accelerate critical decision-making while cutting through common nuisances that can cause burnout and delay patient care.

Improve outcomes and ROI with clinical communications. MH-CURE accelerates clinical communications to boost key metrics, including staff satisfaction, patient throughput, HCAHPS scores, length of stay and operational costs.

A communication platform purpose-built for care team collaboration. MH-CURE is certified with all leading telephony, wireless networking, EHR, nurse call and MDM vendors, allowing you to consolidate all clinical communication into one unified platform.

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Maximize Clinical Mobility with Zebra Mobile Computers for Healthcare

TC2X-HC Series Mobile Computers
Cost-Effective Mobile Computers for Healthcare

Zebra’s TC2X Series Mobile Computers are made specifically for healthcare, offering proven performance and durability at a budget-friendly price point that makes it easy to connect your entire workforce.

TC5X-HC Series Mobile Computers
The Ultimate Mobile Computer for Healthcare

Zebra’s TC5X-HC Series Mobile computers are purpose-built for healthcare, with new healthcare blue colors designed with healthcare-grade materials supporting over 30 chemical disinfectants and UV-C appliances.