Unified Clinical Communications

  • Bringing it all together to improve clinical collaboration

MH-CURE™ combines encrypted text messaging and high-definition voice communications with caregiver-specific alerts and patient-specific EMR, lab, nurse call, and ADT data—all in a single, easy-to-use smartphone app. The result: streamlined collaboration, keeping clinicians at the bedside instead of hunting down colleagues and information.

  • Reduces time-consuming steps and accelerates decision-making, improving care quality and efficiency.
  • Device consolidation eliminates the cost and complexity of managing multiple devices and apps.

MH-CURE has achieved a 38% reduction in steps, saving a mile per shift.

One device.

One consistent user experience for encrypted text messaging, secure voice communications and care team presence.

One major leap forward in simplifying clinical communications and collaboration.

Experience MH-CURE

See firsthand how MH-CURE transforms clinical communication and collaboration.

Mobilizing Healthcare Communications

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