Patient-centric Collaboration

  • Connecting caregivers with their patients to improve care

At the heart of MH-CURE™ is the patient-centric Dynamic Care Team directory that connects care team members located inside and outside the hospital to the patients in their care. Care team members immediately see who is assigned to a given patient—including remote physicians—and their busy/available status. Alerts and notifications pertaining to that patient are sent only to the responsible clinician, who can quickly and easily engage other team members and share information with just a few clicks.

  • Reduces message fatigue by delivering directed alerts and messages only to the relevant care team members.
  • Facilitates rapid one-on-one or whole team collaboration, no matter where staff members are at any moment.

MH-CURE reduces noise in the units by 50%, alleviating overhead pages and message fatigue.

Immediately access the caregivers assigned to any patient, or all patients assigned to any caregiver. This enables effective communication for nurses and physicians.

Experience MH-CURE

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