Professional Services

Our Experts Will Guide You to Enhanced Mobility

At Mobile Heartbeat, it is our mission to empower care teams—and the operational professionals that support them—through mobile communications. We believe that when everyone within a hospital has the ability to communicate directly through a single system, incredible things can happen.


With hundreds of successful go-lives and upgrades to inform our proven Enterprise Adoption Playbook, our professional services team has the clinical, operational and technical know-how to deploy your mobility initiative the right way.

Technical Discovery

  • Every organization is unique—our Technical Solutions Engineers will assess your existing technology environment to develop a technical implementation plan that aligns with and supports your technology strategy

  • MH-CURE is interoperable with most leading vendors in the healthcare technology industry, and we are always adding new integration partners at the request of our customers

Clinical Workflow Review

  • Our Implementation Consultants will provide a tried-and-true communication workflow assessment that identifies critical areas to address and make recommendations tailored to your organization

  • Project Managers will develop a clinical implementation plan, including key benchmarking metrics, to support adoption and maximize value

Integration & Configuration

  • We certify our integration partnerships so that every technology integration will be fully operable and reliable

  • Configure users by role, unit and even facility for total control over permissions and workflows

24/7, Hands-On Support, Training & Education

  • We provide training and support resources, both remotely and in person, for admin and user education to maximize adoption

  • Our 24/7 hotline and your dedicated Support Specialist are always available to troubleshoot and provide solutions for go-lives and beyond

Analytics & Optimization

  • All activity within the MH-CURE platform is fully reportable. Our team of experts has the knowledge to turn this data into recommendations and insights to maximize value

  • We can evaluate existing communication and workflow data to recommend optimization strategies and techniques that can streamline operations at your organization

Your Guide to Enterprise Adoption

Our guides to implementing clinical communication and collaboration technology are inspired by the Enterprise Adoption Playbook we’ve developed over hundreds of installations.

Benefits for Every Role