Mobile Heartbeat Announces Secure, HD Video Chat

With Demand for Virtual Health on the Rise, Mobile Heartbeat Announces Secure, HD Video Chat

Real-time video conferencing remotely enables face-to-face interactions across the care continuum to meet growing needs in e-consults, telemedicine, interpreter services and more

WALTHAM, Mass. — June 4, 2019

Healthcare communications company Mobile Heartbeat® has announced a comprehensive mobile video chat function on its MH-CURE® Platform that enables face-to-face, encrypted video conferencing on a single application, along with the platform’s text, page, voice and broadcast communications capabilities. Intuitively designed for fast-paced healthcare environments, the secure functionality serves a growing need among expanding—and increasingly virtual—care teams.

The announcement coincides with the industry’s shift toward telehealth, in which more than three in four hospitals in the United States use video or other solutions to remotely connect participants in the care continuum, according to the American Hospital Association. Additionally, with reported shortages in both primary and specialty providers, hospitals are increasingly opting toward video chat functions for clinician-to-clinician consults, resulting in reduced costs and enhanced care delivery.

Growing demands in other use cases of handheld video chatting—including those aimed at reducing medical errors during transfers of care and providing remote interpreter services—also contributed to Mobile Heartbeat’s interest and priority in developing such a product.

“The trends we’ve seen in telemedicine represent a significant shift in the way clinicians work together—and all signs point to their continued influence on care delivery,” said Peggy Teardo, Director of Clinical Optimization at Mobile Heartbeat. “We’re thrilled to offer our customers a HIPAA-compliant, easy-to-use resource to connect diverse teams for face-to-face collaboration, no matter where they are, through the tap of a smartphone button.”

As part of the unified MH-CURE Platform, our enterprise video chat solution saves the added expense of video-specific hardware. Other features:

  • High-definition video calling that connects in-facility and out-of-facility clinicians and support staff
  • Dual-side camera that can be flipped to switch from face-to-face to rear-facing
  • Cross-platform functionality and compatibility with both Android and iOS devices
  • TLS, HTTPS and SRTP encryption protocols
  • Ability to remotely enable or disable by user

To learn more about Mobile Heartbeat’s video chat feature on the MH-CURE Platform, download the free onesheet with sample use cases.