Mobile Heartbeat and Amplion Form Technology Partnership

WALTHAM, Mass. — June 27, 2018 —

Mobile Heartbeat®, a leading provider of mobile healthcare enterprise solutions that improve clinical workflow and team communication, today announced a technology partnership with Amplion Clinical Communications, a healthcare technology company that’s transforming the nurse call market into one that uses real-time data from patient room activity to create robust reporting that can improve clinical performance. The companies are integrating the Amplion Alert nurse call system with the Mobile Heartbeat MH-CURE® clinical communications and collaboration smartphone application.

The Amplion Alert and Mobile Heartbeat integration enables inbound nurse call alerts from the patient’s bedside to speed to MH-CURE users on the patient’s care team and inform them of the patient’s request for service. Through this integration, patient alert communications are streamlined to care team members, removing the noise and disruption of overhead nurse call paging and improving clinician response times to patient requests.

Amplion Alert nurse call alerts are sent to patient care team members’ smartphones via MH-CURE’s CUREConnect Inbound Messaging API. The onscreen alert indicates the patient’s name, room and bed numbers, and high-level request. The care team member responding to the alert can then acknowledge it through their phone as well as at the bedside, informing the other care team members as quickly as possible that the alert is being addressed. Then, Amplion Alert provides access to real-time data from patient room activity, allowing quick improvements to workforce efficiency and effectiveness.

“We’re always focused on how our MH-CURE clinical communications platform can best facilitate patient and care team communications and streamline clinicians’ workflow,” said Ron Remy, CEO at Mobile Heartbeat. “By integrating with the Amplion Alert nurse call system, we’re sending alerts directly to the phones of the people who need to see them, regardless of where they are. Together, we’re enabling increased efficiency for the clinical staff and faster caregiver responses to patients.”

“It is vitally important to get patient calls and information to the right caregiver without wasting any time or disrupting the overall caregiver environment with excessive noise and pages,” said Amplion President and CEO Frank Grant. “With our combined solution, bedside situational awareness and clinical communication is enhanced, and care delivery is tracked and confirmed for every patient, improving the patient care experience.”

The MH-CURE enterprise mobility solution transforms smartphones into a powerful tool for streamlining clinical communication and collaboration workflows. MH-CURE unifies secure texting, voice over Wi-Fi, video chat, paging, broadcasting, alert integration, EHRs, and other clinical system integration in a single application, enabling care teams across the enterprise to use one device/one application to connect with each other and share pertinent, patient-specific information quickly and efficiently from wherever they are. MH-CURE offers full functionality for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

About Amplion Clinical Communications

Amplion Clinical Communications disrupts legacy nurse call. The Amplion Alert care assurance platform combines advanced nurse call capabilities, care collaboration tools, alarm management, reporting and data analytics in a single system to track, manage and confirm care delivery for every patient. It closes care loops, promotes teamwork and delivers the real-time point-of-care data nursing leaders need to provide safer, smarter patient care.