MH-CURE Enables Better Patient Care at a Lower Cost

Mobile Heartbeat CURE Improves Care Team Communications, Enabling Better Patient Care at a Lower Cost

Secure smartphone application consolidates clinical communications, patient-specific workflow and a real-time clinical team directory connecting all members of a patient’s care team

WALTHAM, Mass. — Jan. 27, 2014 — Mobile Heartbeat today introduced Mobile Heartbeat CURE (Clinical Urgent REsponse), a smartphone application enabling secure mobile clinical communications. Designed for patient care teams, MH-CURE enables all care team members to know who else is on the team and to view the availability of other team members at all times. MH-CURE provides nurses, physicians and technicians with secure, single smartphone access to all clinical communications, pertinent patient information and lab data. MH-CURE is the only solution with a true understanding of clinical team workflow and a patient-specific approach to enable more efficient care delivery, cost and time savings, and, ultimately, better patient care.

Mobile Heartbeat CURE Features

The core of Mobile Heartbeat CURE’s technology is its unique patient-specific care team directory and workflow capability. This dynamic directory identifies and connects in real time the changing members of the patient’s care team, both physicians and nurses, and provides information on how to reach them whether they are inside or outside the hospital. MH-CURE eliminates searches for care team members and enables efficient delivery of clinical data and communications to on-site, off-site and multiple locations, ensuring timely patient care decisions.

Mobile Heartbeat CURE’s consolidated communication includes secure texting, voice, caregiver-specific alarms and alerts, VoIP and PBX connectivity, easy integration with electronic medical records (EMRs), and integration with a facility’s cloud infrastructure. MH-CURE is secure and compliant with health care regulations such as HIPAA.

Mobile Heartbeat CURE uses standard smartphone devices (iOS and Android) and has an intuitive user interface. Care team members have a choice of using their own smartphone (“BYOD”) or sharing devices. MH-CURE’s “grab and go” smartphone activation for shared phones allows busy clinicians to instantly access a phone using their hospital ID badge. Preprogrammed texts are included for faster message response, and push technology is integrated for delivering important alerts and information to care team members as soon as possible.

Mobile Heartbeat CURE Benefits

Mobile Heartbeat CURE offers numerous benefits for hospitals, physicians, nurses and, ultimately, patients. Hospitals benefit from the dramatic increase in efficiency that’s afforded by the improved speed of care team communications. Hospitals save time lost to callbacks and experience fewer communications errors, reducing their liability. They also reduce their communications infrastructure costs.

For physicians, Mobile Heartbeat CURE enables 24×7 on-site and off-site access to lab results, important hospital notifications and the right contacts, eliminating episodes of telephone tag and long holds. Nurses can reduce the number of steps taken per shift and spend more time with patients as a result of faster, more efficient care team communications and alarms pushed directly to the responsible team member. Patients receive faster responses to calls and more face time from clinicians. Because MH-CURE reduces ambient noise levels, patients have a quieter and more restful experience.

All these benefits help hospitals improve the delivery of patient care while lowering the cost of care delivery. Hospitals also see a notable improvement in their HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) scores.

“Patient care involves numerous individuals from both inside and outside the facility, such as the patient’s primary care physician, clinical specialists, nurses and lab technicians, all of whom need to communicate with one another and know where everyone is at all times,” said Ron Remy, CEO at Mobile Heartbeat. “With Mobile Heartbeat CURE, health care facilities have a patient-specific solution that leverages smartphones to provide enhanced patient care communication and more efficient team coordination and workflow.”

Customer Validation

“Yale New Haven Hospital was in search of a communication tool to bring patients and clinicians closer together in our adult and pediatric emergency rooms,” said Ed Fisher, vice president/CTO at Yale New Haven Hospital. “From the initial proof of concept, through the pilot program, we saw amazing results from the Mobile Heartbeat CURE secure smartphone technology. This drove additional projects to push clinical results, utilize the camera for sensitive photography and scan barcodes for charges, tying the clinician even closer to the patient and other clinicians involved in their care.”

Mobile Heartbeat will be exhibiting Mobile Heartbeat CURE in Booth #2094 at HIMSS14, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) annual conference and exhibition taking place Feb. 23-27, 2014, in Orlando, Fla.

About Mobile Heartbeat

Mobile Heartbeat™ uses secure smartphones to improve clinical workflow and team communications, delivering better patient care at a lower cost. Mobile Heartbeat consolidates clinical communications, including alarms and notifications, pertinent patient information, lab data, texting, voice and photography. Based upon its Clinical Urgent REsponse (CURE) technology, Mobile Heartbeat provides a real-time clinical team directory that efficiently connects all members of a patient’s care team inside and outside the hospital as well as across multiple facilities. Eliminating the need for multiple devices, searching for caregivers and hunting for lab data, Mobile Heartbeat provides a highly efficient, patient-specific, clinical team collaboration solution. For more information, visit

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