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Alerting & Notifications

CURECONNECT standards-based APIs enable the necessary interoperability with the systems responsible for initiating and sending alerts. Capable of integration directly or through middleware, MH-CURE® supports both text-based and voice-based alerts and alarms that can be delivered to individual users, group users in opt-in role and telephone numbers.


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Patient-Centric Context

With a single tap, users can access meaningful information about their patient including location, chief complaint, demographic information and their dynamic care team. The dynamic care team is a real-time directory of the clinical staff assigned to a patient enabling fast and easy communication between team members. The dynamic care team is populated through direct integrations with both the EHR and Nurse Call staff assignment modules.

Enterprise Communication

The MH-CURE platform integrates directly with leading telephony infrastructure providers or can provide a customized voice gateway to assign users individual mobile extensions. This means each user has their own extension that travels with them regardless of the device they use or whether they’re in the hospital or at home.

Seamless Mobile Workflow

As clinical and operational software vendors embrace mobility, MH-CURE is already enabling seamless app-to-app workflows with leading technology partners. These integrated workflows support patient monitoring and alerting, patient transport and throughput, documentation and clinical processes. Most importantly, customers can configure these partner integrations themselves, creating a unique in-app experience custom to facility and even role type. Learn more.

Enterprise Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM / EDM) integrations are supported to provide IT with the tools they need to make deployments and upgrades fast and effective. Following App Config best practices, MH-CURE can be deployed to ensure only MDM users can log in and hospital-owned devices can be tracked as well as wiped of data.

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