Manage the unmanageable

The MH-CURE Platform is built to support enterprise-scale healthcare systems. Once customers adopt the solution, it quickly transforms from a cool tool that makes it easier to communicate into a mission-critical system that cannot go down.


We’re proud of this evolution and we are continually investing in R&D and process improvement to ensure high availability, security, scalability and ease of deployment and management of our software. In addition to our expert project, solutions and support teams delivering best practices and guidance, MH-CURE also comes with the tools necessary to reliably leverage the platform to its fullest potential.

System Admin

The web admin provides administrators with all of the tools you need to manage your instance of MH-CURE. From user setup and facility mapping to communications and integrations, the web admin enables high levels of control that your team can self-service.

Manage Your Users

Roles, groups, permissions, contact information and assignments—everything to setup and manage end users.

Configure Your Facilities

Tailor MH-CURE to your health system—from the facility level, down to the unit, room and bed.

Customize the Experience

Configure the end-user experience by facility and role so the right people have access to the right integrations when they need them.

Fast, Simple & Secure Authentication
for Shared Device Users

Mobile Heartbeat’s QuickLaunch™ solution means staff can securely log into a shared device with the swipe of their access card. By using this log-in method, shared devices will automatically load with a user’s preferences and settings, including patients, phone extension, and InterApp launch points, all in a matter of seconds.

Mobile Device Management

Every organization has different IT requirements, which is why Mobile Heartbeat has partnered with and certified all the leading MDM vendors to deploy and manage MH-CURE.

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