An All-in-One Collaborative
Platform for the Whole Enterprise

MH-CURE® is the leading unified collaboration application for health systems. Through customizable capabilities, our platform connects every role in every department to streamline clinical workflows, accelerate decision-making and, most importantly, improve patient care.

Steps During a Shift

38% fewer

Radiology TAT

20% faster

Ambient Unit Noise

50% reduction

The Foundation of Clinical Collaboration

We’ve identified four critical communication elements necessary for supporting care coordination. These are the cornerstones upon which we have built the MH-CURE platform:

Find the Right Colleague

Sometimes, finding a colleague in a time crunch is the hardest thing a clinician has to do. That’s why MH-CURE has built-in functionality that makes available and on-call colleagues easy to find.

  • Real-time, enterprise-wide directory

  • Users can search the directory by name, location or role

  • Dynamic Roles® to assign users a temporary role with a unique phone number

  • Custom status and tagging to indicate availability and chain of command from the user profile

  • On-call scheduling to know exactly who is working on a given shift

  • Dynamic Care Team® for a real-time overview of any patient’s care team members

Engage the Care Team

As more and more communication methods have become available to clinicians, they have also added more and more devices clinicians need to carry and check over the course of their shift. Our unified solution brings all these communication methods together, so users can view all their messages and alerts in one application, on one device.

  • High-quality, reliable calling

  • Secure messaging

  • One-to-many broadcast messaging

  • Group messaging

  • Paging

  • Alert & alarm management

  • Physician privacy protection

Integrate Your Infrastructure

MH-CURE is built on a set of standards-based APIs and has developed direct integrations with dozens of mission-critical healthcare technologies. As your IT infrastructure evolves, MH-CURE scales and evolves with it. Explore some of our most impactful integrations.

  • Integrate with the patient record and receive alerts from your EMR/EHR

  • Receive lab results and telemetry alerts

  • Pull patient assignments and alerts from the nurse call system

  • Scheduling integration allows users to easily locate who is on-call in a particular role or specialty

  • Embedded linking to launch documents, videos, websites or other applications

Scale Across the Enterprise

A communication platform is only as valuable as the number of people who have adopted it. MH-CURE is the only communication and collaboration platform that has a proven record of large-scale implementation and adoption. With nearly 250K monthly active users across hundreds of facilities, enterprise-wide rollouts are our specialty.

  • Seasoned Professional Services team with 24/7 support

  • Enterprise adoption best practices

  • Mobile device management partnerships

  • Support for both personal and shared devices

  • iOS, Android and Desktop applications

  • Trusted relationships with industry-leading technology partners

  • Priced by bed—not by user—to make adoption cost-effective

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