Revolutionize Your Clinical Communication

MH-CURE connects and mobilizes clinicians and operational staff across the healthcare enterprise. By unifying all of the communication and collaboration tools needed for high-quality care in one platform, we enable users to connect with the right people at the right time.

Key Platform Components

In healthcare, you need to be able to communicate with anyone at a moment’s notice. With MH-CURE, you can call, text, broadcast and escalate to team members, saving crucial minutes.

With CURE Analytics, you have access to detailed, patient-centric communication data, coupled with analysis tools so you can identify areas of opportunity and improvement.

With over 100,000 mobile devices deployed and 150,152 monthly active users, our team has the tools, processes and people in place to ensure success at every turn.

Interoperability is at the heart of an open platform. Our standards-based APIs ensure support for robust integrations between all of your systems and MH-CURE.

Platform Capabilities

Unified Communications





Video Chat

Nurse Call


Collaborate With Context

Enterprise Directory

Patient List

Staff Assignment

Dynamic Role

User Presence

Dynamic Patient Care Team

Enterprise Ready

Enterprise Architecture

Shared Devices

BYOD Support

Multi Platform

Lab Results

Clinical System Integrations

Measurable Results

24,333.33 Hours

Time saved finding the right person using our Enterprise Directory

285,916 Hours

Time saved sending a one-to-many message by leveraging the Broadcast capability

$ 348,750

Dollars saved by cutting down on overtime costs


MH-CURE was originally introduced on the iPhone 3. Through years of collaboration in the field we have invested in building the best possible clinical communication and collaboration application for iOS possible. We continue to invest in perfecting our software to maximize everything the iOS platform has to offer through a single unified app.


As Android device adoption grows in healthcare Mobile Heartbeat is ready with an Android app optimized on devices from device manufacturers like Samsung, Zebra and Spectralink. MH-CURE is a validated application on Zebra’s healthcare grade TC51-HC.

Desktop and Web App

For staff who work at a desk like unit secretaries and pharmacists, the desktop app provides an intuitive, stand-alone communication app that keeps them connected with their on-the-go colleagues.

Streamline Your Enterprise Operations

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