HIStalk Interviews: Ron Remy, CEO, Mobile Heartbeat

“The most important aspect is to know who’s on the care team for each and every patient, as well as the status of those individuals. Particularly in the larger facilities, you may not personally know every member of the team that you’re on. You need to be able to instantly recognize who is the nurse, who is the physical therapist, who is the cardiologist taking care of that patient, You need to know exactly what their status is — online or offline, in the facility or out of the facility — and then be able to communicate to them with a variety of methods — secure text, a phone call, a video chat, or even a page.”
Ron Remy, CEO, Mobile Heartbeat

Here are some of the questions that Ron answers in the interview:

  • What do clinicians want from mobile apps other than message exchange?
  • What kind of outcomes to customers see?
  • How do you go about analyzing that and what kind of insights can you gain from looking at how they’re using the system?
  • What kind of integration with other systems is offered or beneficial?
  • Clinicians use to have a belt full of gadgets because each application had its own device. How do you figure out how those applications can coexist on the device that a user is assigned or brings in from home?
  • Where do you see clinical communication going in the next five years and how will the company be involved?

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