Clinical Communication and Collaboration Market Saturation

Clinical Communication and Collaboration Market Saturation

Recently, a colleague asked me about the Clinical Communications and Collaboration market. He wanted to know if I thought the market was saturated, if there would be a consolidation of vendors and solutions or if the market was beginning to slow. The answer is clear if you subscribe to the theory of diffusion of innovation. […]

HIMSS-Time 2017

Scheduling meetings at HIMSS is like trying to put together a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle where 10% of the pieces change their shape each day. Every attendee is trying to maximize their time while minimizing the amount of wasted walking (Hint: wear comfortable shoes). Let’s get a couple of events on your calendar. We would like […]

Dynamic Role at Mobile Heartbeat – a simple solution to finding the right caregiver

Overview The most frequent question one hears in a hospital setting is: “How do I find the charge nurse or the specialist on-call?” MH-CURETM has a simple solution – it’s called the Dynamic Role. Everyone understands “forwarding of calls and text messages,” but how do you do that in such a way as to minimize […]

Pagers RIP

Check out Leonard Nimoy advertising old school pagers in this 1979 commercial. This was the year that I graduated from high school and, since 1979, much has appeared in the technology market and then subsequently become obsolete. For example: DVRs CDs The IBM PC The Walkman The FAX machine But, amazingly, the focus of this […]