Connecting with our Customers: Portsmouth Regional Hospital

I recently spent four days shadowing care teams at Portsmouth Regional Hospital, a 209-bed acute care hospital located in Portsmouth, NH. During that time, department managers guided me as I observed the clinical workflows across the hospital.  It was a valuable opportunity to engage with our customers and view first-hand their daily routines and pain […]

What Does Your Vision (Board) Look Like?

My wife and her sister were talking about their careers and futures, and both decided to build a “Vision Board” – something I wasn’t previously familiar with, nor thought I could do (ever since my preschool days, I’ve struggled with scissors and glue. But I’ll save that story for another blog). Once I learned exactly […]

National Nurses Week 2017

The best way to learn about someone or something is to go right to the source. Over the past several years I have spent time listening, shadowing and learning about how healthcare IT impacts care teams. While most, if not all healthcare IT vendors claim time savings, improved care and in some cases financial savings […]

Adoption – It’s About the Number of Active Users, Not the Number of Hospitals

Many vendors in healthcare determine success in terms of the number of hospitals using their product. At Mobile Heartbeat we focus on the number of users within a hospital who are actually using our MH-CURE clinical communications platform. User adoption is a key building block for value creation. As mentioned in my April 5th blog, […]