National Nurses Week 2017

The best way to learn about someone or something is to go right to the source. Over the past several years I have spent time listening, shadowing and learning about how healthcare IT impacts care teams. While most, if not all healthcare IT vendors claim time savings, improved care and in some cases financial savings […]

Adoption – It’s About the Number of Active Users, Not the Number of Hospitals

Many vendors in healthcare determine success in terms of the number of hospitals using their product. At Mobile Heartbeat we focus on the number of users within a hospital who are actually using our MH-CURE clinical communications platform. User adoption is a key building block for value creation. As mentioned in my April 5th blog, […]

Metcalfe’s Law and Plans Coming Together

Metcalfe’s Law and Plans Coming Together It’s nice when a plan comes together. When we were first developing MH-CURE, there were many different ideas floating around, but one key hypothesis was that our clinical communications and collaboration application needed to support the entire enterprise of a health system. For us at Mobile Heartbeat, this includes […]

Clinical Communication and Collaboration Market Saturation

Clinical Communication and Collaboration Market Saturation

Recently, a colleague asked me about the Clinical Communications and Collaboration market. He wanted to know if I thought the market was saturated, if there would be a consolidation of vendors and solutions or if the market was beginning to slow. The answer is clear if you subscribe to the theory of diffusion of innovation. […]