• Simple, secure, grab-and-go device management

How can you make sharing clinical communication devices both simple and secure? The answer is our QuickLaunchTM solution. It provides clinicians with quick and easy access to MH-CURETM-enabled smartphones, while safeguarding protected health information (PHI).

Here’s how it works:

Clinicians simply swipe their
badge on the QuickLaunch
charging dock and grab
phone—they are
automatically logged in on
that device.

The smartphone is instantly
and automatically configured
for that user, including their
preferences, patient
assignments, and phone

At the end of the shift, the
clinician simply places the
smartphone back in the
QuickLaunch charging
dock—they are automatically
logged out and all data is
securely wiped from the
device. Once the phone is
charged, it’s ready for the
next user.

QuickLaunch solves the headaches associated with traditional assigned devices. It gives clinicians a fast, easy, “grab and go” experience while protecting data security and helping manage devices easily.

See it in action