Capital Regional Medical Center Adopts App

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Capital Regional Medical Center Adopts App

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — Capital Regional Medical Center is going digital.

The staff there is using a new app, all about serving patients better.

“It’s really all about patient safety. It’s all about making sure we do the right thing with the right patient, and technology helps to provide that for us,” said Ann Smith, Chief Nursing Officer .

And technology now has the staff at Capital Regional Medical Center combining patient care and smartphones.

The hospital is a beta-testing facility for the new “iMobile” app.

It helps nurses and doctors throughout the hospital communicate quickly and efficiently.

“It cuts down on a lot of phone calls that we generally make now. The physicians can get text messages in regards to a patient, so that they can actually look at that text message immediately. And the nurse that sent that text message will have the ability to know that they actually got that message,” said Smith

The app follows the patient for their entire stay at Capital Regional, from the time they arrive at the Emergency Room to when they’re discharged, so doctors can make sure they’re getting the best care possible.

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