The InterApp Launch Points™ Solution

Create seamless, single sign-on workflows between MH-CURE and your other mission-critical apps.


Allow clinicians to securely and effortlessly move from app to app.

  • Single sign-on saves clinicians the hassle of logging into many programs

  • Navigate users to the exact screen they need

  • Create outbound integrations from MH-CURE to other mobile apps

  • Create inbound integrations: launch from third-party apps to MH-CURE

  • Integrations are encrypted and held to the highest security standards

Create InterApp Launch Points™ pathways for your most commonly used critical apps and websites.

  • Integrate with a remote interpretation app like Stratus Video to help reduce miscommunication errors

  • Integrate with a patient monitoring system, such as Airstrip One, so clinicians can track patients vitals when they are on- or off-campus

  • Help clinicians provide safer care by giving them easy access to resources like Lippincott Nursing Advisor

  • Optimize patient flow by integrating with apps like TeleTracking to enable users to communicate and take action around system-generated alerts

Simply and easily design a unique experience by customizing your InterApp Launch Points™ integrations.

  • To distinguish tools and resources between hospitals, customize your integrations by facility

  • Customize the pathway by role, so every user, whether they’re a physician or a nurse, has access to the tools they need

  • Decide where within MH-CURE you’d like to give users the ability to launch into different applications

  • Setup is seamless, administrators can enable and disable integrations as needed

InterApp Launch Points™ Datasheet

The InterApp Launch Points™ solution help save clinicians valuable time by providing a seamless way to launch into the right subpage of an application or website—with a single tap.

Learn more about clinical use cases for your hospital.