MH-CURE Desktop

Responsive, secure and cost-effective clinical communication for your entire healthcare system.

MH-CURE Desktop connects stationary and mobile workers together on one platform. Pharmacy, lab, radiology and unit secretaries can securely text and collaborate right from their desktop or laptop computer.

Expand your user base without purchasing additional devices

  • Leverage your existing desktop and laptop devices for cost-effective clinical communication

  • All the same functionality- dynamic roles, broadcast messaging, multi-unit assignment, patient lookup and status- directly from your computer

  • Collaboration across devices is seamless, allowing users to swap between the desktop and mobile versions of MH-CURE throughout the day

Enable stationary and desktop staff to communicate with ease

  • Workstation based staff such as pharmacy, lab and unit secretaries can communicate without disrupting their typical workflow

  • Circulating RN in the OR can stay connected without compromising sanitized surfaces

  • Radiology staff can assign dynamic roles and chat from the desktop within WiFi dead zones

Responsive, reliable and secure

  • Screen is responsive, so you can chat and work within your EHR simultaneously

  • Forget worrying about clinicians using unsecure, non-HIPAA compliant chat tools- your whole organization is able to utilize secure chat directly from their computer

  • Chat is encrypted and uses protocols such as TLS, HTTPS and SRTP

Desktop Feature Highlights:

Secure chat, group and broadcast messaging

User status: See who's available, busy or offline

Dynamic Roles: View and assign dynamic roles with one click.

Multi-unit assignment: Easily self-assign to multiple units, just like mobile.

Browse & search contacts by unit and hospital

Patient lookup: Browse, assign and unassign patients across all of your units

Operating System Notifications: Never miss a critical message

Fast and reliable chat for any role within your hospital, right from their computer.