My wife and her sister were talking about their careers and futures, and both decided to build a “Vision Board” – something I wasn’t previously familiar with, nor thought I could do (ever since my preschool days, I’ve struggled with scissors and glue. But I’ll save that story for another blog). Once I learned exactly what they were making, I understood how and why they wanted to visualize their plans more easily, but I secretly wondered if my wife’s vision board had ME portrayed on it somewhere (I know she has a good collection of bad photos, just for spite).

According to a January 2016 Forbes article, Survey Shows Visualizing Success Works, those who create a vision board that relate to their goals are almost twice as confident they’ll achieve those goals. Additionally, almost two thirds of small business owners believed that visualizing their goals help them map and develop their business plans, and 82% of small business owners that used a vision board from the start reported that they have accomplished more than half the goals they included on that board. Further, it was noted that in order for visualization to be effective, it needs to be detailed (i.e. picture the desired outcome as much as possible).

So why am I, a Mobile Heartbeat employee, blogging about a vision board? Well, I am glad you asked (I’m assuming you asked). Let me explain – we talk to many potential prospects, struggling with a need for Clinical Communications and Collaboration (CC&C), but often not knowing exactly what that REALLY means. They know they NEED mobility. They know they are REQUIRED to have HIPAA secure texting. Is that it? Are those features, or products? What products meet their vision – especially when their vision (as a clinical expert) includes keeping their staff at the bedside, where they prefer to be.

Before you struggle to answer these questions, rest assured we can help. Our CC&C product, MH-CURE, was built (and continues to be enhanced) by clinical feedback – our USERS make it better and more useful with each update. And we’ve even created something to help your vision board! We have a Gap Analysis tool that can assist you with the features and functionality many of our current customers have helped us design and create.

So – start YOUR CC&C vision board with a great tool, and build from there:

MH-CURE Gap Analysis

Good luck – we’re here to help. Just please don’t ask me to cut and glue anything.