Nursing isn’t easy. You crawl out of bed while the rest of the world sleeps to face whatever challenges your shift may bring. Beyond the herculean challenge of saving lives every day, many nurses are encumbered by communication problems. These challenges seem particularly frustrating in a time when communication has been made so easy in our personal lives.

Communication problems take many shapes: unknown phone numbers, outdated care team information, unreliable mobile devices, inconsistent service and perhaps most importantly, not having access to any of the above at the point of care. When you’re in the middle of caring for someone, the last thing you need is to be checking whiteboards or calling unit secretaries. The burden of communication has become too much to bear.

Empowering Nurses Every Day

At Mobile Heartbeat, we strive to ease those pain points. Our flagship platform, MH-CURE™, enables easier communication by offering several different message types: texting, group chat, VoIP calling, broadcasts and more. Using our collaborative features like an enterprise-wide directory and dynamic care team list, you don’t have to spend precious minutes searching for the right person to contact—their information is right there, at the point of care.

This mobile platform also enables the provision of life-saving information delivered right to you in the palm of your hand. Monitor alerts, patient call requests and resources necessary to deliver safe, high-quality patient care.



These tools are transformative to nursing practice and enable efficient and effective communication. We have all heard it said that we need to get the right information to the right person about the right patient at the right time. MH-CURE does all this while decreasing the time it takes—from 15 minutes to 15 seconds.

Nurses have been able to answer nurse call alerts faster, reach physicians and operational staff more easily while improving patient satisfaction over the course of their admission. On top of all this, they take fewer steps and save more time during their shifts.

Offering A Helping Hand

It’s a major point of pride for us that we can point to thousands of nurses using MH-CURE across the country—nurses who are seeing massive improvements in their daily lives. That’s why we’ve built a platform that makes every effort to support nurses in all their communication needs. After all, you need to crawl out of bed and do this all over again tomorrow.

This National Nurses Week, we honor nurses everywhere. Thank you for all you do for your patients, your hospitals and your communities.