As a scale-up company, Mobile Heartbeat has been around for a few years (nine, to be exact), and we started small. When we were just a newborn company, we had to make some big decisions about how we wanted to measure our growth in order to better understand our product and our customers. From the start, we’ve been counting the number of users logging into MH-CURE, the functions they’re using and how often they’re using them, among other metrics.

We’ve grown a lot in the years since we first started measuring these communication events, and we’re excited to announce we recently surpassed our benchmark goal of 100,000 monthly active users in the MH-CURE platform. This is a huge accomplishment for our company, and it’s a testament to the value we provide to our customers.

The Meaning of MAUs

The “active” part of monthly active users (MAU) is what we’re so excited about. It’s one thing to receive an account in MH-CURE through your hospital, and quite another to use the platform often enough to obtain real value from it. By measuring MAU, we’re able to make sure our end users are seeing impactful results from our product.That’s why MAU is one of the fundamental metrics within our Value Hierarchy—a key to measuring the importance of user adoption in achieving greater efficiency, financial savings and ultimately better patient outcomes for the enterprise health systems.

A communication system is only as valuable as the number of people using it. This can be quantified through Metcalfe’s Law, which states that the value of a communication network equals the square of the number of participants. Using this calculation, value becomes exponential when every end user has access to MH-CURE.

What This Means for Mobile Heartbeat

The companion metric to this is MAU per facility, which has also reached an all-time high of 979. This means that, on average, almost a thousand employees at each of our customers’ facilities uses Mobile Heartbeat on a regular basis. Having that many active users in just one location indicates that MH-CURE is fully involved in the communication and collaboration process for these enterprises. And we’re finding that many employees across the health enterprise find value in adopting MH-CURE. It’s not just doctors or nurses or even all clinicians in general—all clinical and operational roles at a facility are using the platform.

That’s how we know we’re reducing friction across the healthcare enterprise. Over 100,000 users are saving precious time on thousands of small interactions, which adds up to thousands of hours saved. Clinician satisfaction is up because they’re operating at the top of their license, and patients are happier because the process of receiving quality care is more efficient.

Looking to the Future

So, where do we go from here? At Mobile Heartbeat, quantity isn’t our sole focus. Quality is important too. That’s why we’ll continue to grow our platform so our end users get as much out of it as they possibly can.

Maximizing adoption across a health system has been a crucial goal, but we also want to make sure we’re anticipating and meeting the needs of our customers and end users. We’re enabling our customers to look deeper into the data generated by their users so we can help them understand their existing workflows. We consider things like who’s communicating with whom, when they reach out and what they’re saying to each other. This helps us identify any communication gaps and offer solutions to optimize clinical and operational workflows.

By better understanding how our customers are using MH-CURE, we can continue to add functionality and tailor the platform to empower care teams. Over time, this will help us create new workflows and streamline existing ones to maximize the value we bring to large health systems.

We’re also excited by the many new integrations certified through our CURE Connect Interoperability Program. With a growing collection of open, standards-based APIs, our 100,000+ users have never been more connected to the mission-critical systems that support them. From nurse call to sepsis monitoring and alerting, to configurable InterApp Launch Points, our focus on interoperability continues to deliver more value and ROI to our customers and their users.

So, ecstatic as we are to have hit this milestone, we aren’t resting on our laurels. Instead, we’re just getting started. We consider this accomplishment one of many more to come, and we’re rolling up our sleeves to get to work. You can expect to see expanded support and functionality available to our customers through MH-CURE as we continue to take advantage of the amazing growth opportunities ahead.