As Mobile Heartbeat continues to innovate and transform the clinical communication space, we’re looking for employees who are eager to work on an important product that affects hundreds of thousands of users. Our new monthly article series highlights some current engineers who exemplify our values and are helping us work towards our goal of improving communication in healthcare.

This month’s interview is with Abu Batjargal, a recent graduate at Brandeis University, who started at Mobile Heartbeat as an intern.

How Did You Hear About Mobile Heartbeat?

A friend of mine in college was working at Mobile Heartbeat and really enjoying it, and he agreed to pass my resume along for an internship. Before I knew it I was interviewing for the position, and they were really good about explaining what the company does and making me feel more comfortable.

I had the internship from the summer of my junior year through senior year, and when I graduated I knew I wanted to continue at Mobile Heartbeat.

What Initially Interested You About Our Company?

At first I was just looking for something that would give me experience. Then, as I learned more about what the company does and spoke more with current employees, I became really interested in how this mobile app is actually used in hospitals and how the work done at Mobile Heartbeat actually affects real people.

What Were You Looking for in a First Job?

General practical experience was very important [to me]. At least at Brandeis, for the computer science major, it’s a lot of general theories to get you in the computer science mindset, but to actually be working with these specific frameworks that we use here, you get the hands-on experience of working with different technologies. I think that’s pretty important.

How Have You Liked Working at Mobile Heartbeat?

It’s been great. During my internship, in the beginning, I knew nothing about the code that we use here or development in iOS, but my managers at the time were really good about giving me challenging projects while also helping me work through them. So as I got to do more bug fixes or implementing new features I started to learn a lot about it, and then from there on I’ve been able to branch out into different parts of what makes this whole system work.

Even though it’s my first job, I do like the fact that I’m able to come in every day and be excited to work on solving important problems. A lot of people think of an office job as this mundane thing that you do day in and day out, but if you have projects that challenge you and make you think about solutions then you can be excited to do the work that you have to do.

How Do You Feel About the Work You’ve Been Doing?

It’s a good balance of challenging and fulfilling work. I think in the grand scheme of things, we’re working on a product that is literally in the hands of people who make a big difference in other peoples’ lives.

One of the big things that resonated with me was when one of our customers were here, they were talking about the 2017 shooting that happened in Las Vegas and how our system was being used at one of their hospitals there. That kind of brings back this sense that we’re doing something that’s affecting the real world. That kind of exemplifies the importance of doing good work and making sure this product is the best it can be, so that it can be reliable and useful, and remain that way.

To learn more about working at Mobile Heartbeat, visit our careers page, or call 781-238-0000.