Making Mobility “Future Proof”

We just hosted our first Mobile Heartbeat Users Group (MHUG) meeting where our clients were gathered for 2 days of clinical, technical and product information sharing. It was fantastic to see our clients interacting and sharing their challenges, goals and success stories, as they deploy smartphones featuring our software.

My favorite moments were when customers shared their use cases with each other on how they have extended and expanded the functionality of Mobile Heartbeat well beyond what we initially expected. They have future-proofed their investment in smartphones via these new, expanded uses.

Here are just a couple of highlights:

A multi-site hospital network customer has used the camera capability within Mobile Heartbeat to deploy two programs they call, SnapPharmacy and SnapService. In SnapPharmacy, when clinicians have a question for a pharmacist, they are encouraged to “snap” a photo of the item in question, including the item’s labeling and bar code, and text their question along with the photo to the “Pharmacist On Duty”. Note that the Pharmacist on duty is a Dynamic Role within Mobile Heartbeat and our software routes the text to the individual who is currently serving in that role. The answer comes back to the clinician via a text message directly from the pharmacist.

Similarly, SnapService is a program that encourages the hospital staff to take and text photos of maintenance issues – such as broken floor tiles or lightbulbs needing replacement – directly to the hospital’s maintenance team. This client is now developing an API that will enable these text requests to automatically initiate a service order and kick-off the repair work.

Another client explained how their hospital utilized the LaunchPoints within Mobile Heartbeat’s MH-CURE platform to customize the software at their facility. LaunchPoints can either launch applications or websites. In this case, they selected three clinical websites that are now accessible from within Mobile Heartbeat via the landing screen. The nursing staff no longer must leave the patient bedside and log in to the hospital’s intranet to access the websites. As the client explains, “the nurses love being able to access valuable information via MH-CURE instead of interrupting care to find a computer to log in to.”

Our LaunchPoints are simple to customize. In fact, the client created these on their own, and they plan to launch other applications in the future:

Micromedex: Evidence-based clinical decision support and referential content, real-time clinical surveillance, and patient education.

Up-to-Date: Evidence-based clinical decision support resource, trusted worldwide by healthcare practitioners to help them make the right decisions at the point of care.

IV Compatibility: Tool to pinpoint potentially dangerous IV drug combinations.