Throughout Mobile Heartbeat’s history we have been on the cutting edge of mobility, helping hospitals improve clinical communication and collaboration across the country. The MH-CURE platform has enabled faster communication, opened up historically strenuous lines of communication, and improved patient outcomes. In June alone, we processed over 20 million communication events.

However, for hospital leaders, something has been missing.

As the MH-CURE platform has evolved, clinical leaders have expressed the need to better understand clinical and operational communication pathways within their organizations. Today’s leaders realize that each individual unit may have unique workflows, and to improve safety, efficiency, and patient experience, they need the ability to track and measure these workflows. Quietly, Mobile Heartbeat has been listening to these needs and working to develop a solution.

Today, Mobile Heartbeat is proud to announce the launch of CURE Analytics.

CURE Analytics opens the gates to all historical data of our mobile communication platform, MH-CURE. Our new analytics tool enables hospital leaders to discover insights from a platform integrated throughout clinical and operational workflows. Analysis of this data grants leadership the opportunity to measure and continuously improve communication processes and quality within their environments.

Keeping with our passion for integrated and interoperable hospital systems, CURE Analytics is driven by a data warehouse that can be connected to a hospital’s existing business intelligence tool, such as Tableau or Crystal Reports. Additionally, with CURE Analytics, a hospital’s technical team can combine Mobile Heartbeat data with other hospital system data in an internal enterprise data warehouse. This flexibility puts the power of the hospital’s communication data back into the hospital’s hands, allowing leadership to transform data into insights and drive patient-centric initiatives.  

Turn Data into Insights with CURE Analytics:

  • Drive MH-CURE adoption and prove workflow ROI
  • Discover previously unknown communication channels and workflows
  • Monitor usage trends over time with comparative analysis
  • Measure initiative effectiveness with pre- and post-implementation analysis

Specifically, hospitals can drive MH-CURE platform adoption by monitoring user log in trends, which can be analyzed over time to look into trends by unit, role, and individual user.  A login trends report can be shared with floor leaders, empowering your clinical leaders to help drive adoption throughout a hospital, moving forward a mobile communication cultural change.

Once adoption is realized, hospital leaders can gain insight into which roles are the biggest communicators using the MH-CURE platform. Not only will CURE Analytics provide data on how many texts are being sent, but you can also better understand the context and meaning of those texts. Recently, we discovered that medical transport represented some of the highest usage numbers within a specific hospital. Working with our customer to dive deeper into this data we discovered what these users were communicating about. In analyzing this data with the communication’s context, we can identify opportunities for improved patient admittance and discharge processes. This otherwise missed opportunity will help drive an improved patient experience and reduce bed turnaround time.

The insights provided with CURE Analytics are endless. This powerful tool enables customers to access and run reports against all historical usage across the MH-CURE Platform.

In our next blog post we will provide an in-depth example of the power of this data!