2018 was truly a banner year for Mobile Heartbeat. We added 22 new employees to our team, which directly impacted the services we were able to provide for our customers. The result has been a huge jump in the ways and amount end users leverage our app each day.

We’ve broken down some of these numbers so that you can see exactly how we’ve been evolving into a powerhouse platform company.

1. Monthly Active Users

A clinical communication tool becomes more valuable when more people use it, according to Metcalfe’s Law. That’s why we track our monthly active users, the number of people who are actually logging into and utilizing our platform on a regular basis, and we have some amazing results to report. In August we broke 100,000 monthly active users, and in December we cracked 150,000 as well.

This pace of growth is not just exciting, it’s groundbreaking. In 2018 we heavily invested in making our platform intuitive and valuable to end users, and the numbers don’t lie: It’s working.

2. Nurse Calls Received

Nurse call is an absolute staple of any enterprise healthcare organization, which is why we’ve worked so hard to integrate with every major nurse call system in the industry. In fact, across all our customers, MH-CURE delivered 6.8 million nurse call alerts to end users in the last month of 2018. Each time a nurse call request is initiated and delivered it’s an example of a patient connecting with their care team.

With our CURE Connect API integrations there is no middleware necessary between systems, ensuring the fastest, most reliable delivery to end users. No matter what nurse call system your hospital uses, our platform makes it possible to receive all your alerts on one device.

3. Texts Sent

Secure texting is one of the core capabilities in the world of clinical communication and collaboration, and we’re proud of how comprehensive and dynamic our texting function is. Between texts with images and group texts, we’ve been changing the way the healthcare industry understands and uses text messages.

Across all of our users, we finished out the year with over 15 million text messages sent monthly, a 52 percent increase since the start of 2018. With the launch of CURE Analytics last summer, we know that these millions of text messages are forging new and improved clinical workflows.

4. Clinical Alerts Received

It’s possibly one of the most valuable elements of the MH-CURE platform: being able to receive clinical alerts right to your smartphone. As these alerts can range in both content and urgency, serving such a broad necessity at such a high volume demonstrates how reliable we are, no matter how critical or mundane the message. That’s why it’s no surprise we saw over 250,000 clinical alerts in December of 2018, a 47 percent increase from January.

5. Total Facilities

In 2018, we launched MH-CURE in 56 new facilities alone, bringing our number of facilities up to 130, ranging in type from 100-bed independent community hospitals up to large, 3,000-bed IDN facilities. We implement our platform enterprise-wide, providing communication and collaboration to every role in every facility, and our numbers support this: When you consider our number of facilities against our monthly active users, it comes out to over 1,150 users per facility logging into MH-CURE each month. In 2019 we expect these numbers to continue to grow as we provide new solutions to our customers biggest communication problems.

We’re looking for more of the best talent to join our team, and we’re revamping our operations to align with a Scaled Agile Framework to bring our customers consistent and significant improvements to functionality. With the right people, plans and tools in place, our customers have a lot to look forward to this year.