In 2017, Mobile Heartbeat® launched the CURE Connect™ Interoperability Program, taking another step towards our vision of enterprise interoperability through the MH-Platform. In 2018 (The Year of the Clinical Workflow), we begin to run. CURE Connect extends MH-CURE’s core communication & collaboration capabilities through integrations with third-party systems that enable us to deliver a diverse set of capabilities to our users.

We’re working towards this goal with a collection of APIs and an ecosystem of integration partners that have already begun to facilitate impactful new workflows. Four initial APIs to highlight are the Inbound Messaging API, InterApp Launch Points, Inbound Assignments API and the Care Team Query API. Together, these four APIs provide a foundation for our ecosystem partners and customers to build upon.

The Inbound Messaging API enables third-party systems to deliver alerts, alarms and notifications to MH-CURE users. This standards-based API is already in heavy use with our nurse call, patient monitoring and middleware partners, allowing them to get the right information to the right people as quickly as possible. Inbound Messaging is highly customizable, which allows our partners and customers to specify the content and actions (eg confirm or decline) of the message. This ensures that customers can implement tailored policies and processes to deliver an intuitive user experience.

The InterApp Launch Points support providing MH-CURE users with a seamless workflow in concert with their other mobile applications. The API enables direct integrations with third-party mobile apps, allowing users to launch between apps efficiently and with context using icons called “launch points”. As an example, imagine a user views a patient’s details in MH-CURE and needs to view or edit data in a mobile EHR app on their device. Without InterApp, the workflow would look something like this:

  1. Tap the device’s home button
  2. Find the mobile EHR app
  3. Log into that app with Active Directory credentials
  4. Search for the patient
  5. Complete the task.

That’s a five-step, very manual process. Alternatively, with a single tap of a launch point in MH-CURE, the InterApp API allows the user to launch directly and securely to the location they want to go in the partner app from within MH-CURE.

The Inbound Assignments API allows one or multiple third-party systems to update the care team of a specified patient within MH-CURE. This ensures that users always have the ability to know who the real-time care team is for a patient. The Care Team Query API works in reverse, allowing third-party systems to retrieve the current care team information for a given patient.

As 2018 ramps up, we look to expand upon the CURE Connect integration ecosystem. We will strengthen our existing partnerships in patient monitoring, nurse call, clinical workflow and predictive analytics and look to build new partnerships in these and other capabilities. If you would like to explore how your hospital may benefit from implementing Mobile Heartbeat’s MH-CURE platform and the CURE Connect Interoperability Program, contact us at You can also learn more about the CURE Connect APIs here.