We are seeing amazing creativity and innovation in response to the recent crisis, and Mobile Heartbeat has been making every effort to support our customers by providing opportunities to enhance workflows, but there is only so much guidance we can provide. And while new features and capabilities are nice to have, they can’t make a significant impact unless users can count on them to work 100 percent of the time. Especially in the healthcare industry—when someone sends a message, they are counting on that message being delivered.

This is something we are acutely aware of at Mobile Heartbeat. Over the last 10 years, we have endeavored to change the clinical communication landscape for the better by delivering a solution that can accelerate communication and enable high quality and efficient patient care. We’ve focused our efforts on providing a platform that can truly support enterprise-level scale and adoption—one that can be counted on no matter what.

Coronavirus Puts Reliability to the Test

During the coronavirus pandemic, it again became clear to us that reliable communications are essential for the success of the care team, and a platform that facilitates communication and collaboration should function much like a utility: When you flip a light switch, you can always count on the light coming on. In a time of so much uncertainty, when frontline healthcare workers are facing the daily challenges of patient surges with dwindling supplies on a global level, the one thing they should be certain about is the reliability of their communications.

Many of us have taken this caliber of reliability for granted, as technology has evolved and strengthened over the years. But ensuring a high caliber of reliability isn’t easy: A CC&C platform like MH-CURE needs to provide capabilities across multiple devices and operating systems with varying specifications, and interoperate with variable infrastructures, such as WiFi access points or lead-lined walls. A CC&C platform needs to do all of these things while providing advanced capabilities like VoIP calling, broadcasting and paging integrations to users who are constantly on the move. It’s an incredible feat.

We’ve invested in ensuring we can provide this reliability to our customers, and this is not our first test. Over the past three years our customers have endured hurricanes, fires, mass-casualty events and active shooters on campus. Throughout all of these emergent situations, MH-CURE has had 100 percent uptime and reliability. Even when facilities have experienced power outages or unexpected downtime of critical systems like the EHR, MH-CURE has been a constant, allowing for mobile communication to continue when all else fails.


The coronavirus pandemic is now included in this list, and we are looking forward to continuing to support our customers in any way we can. This means that over 220,000 active users across the United States have been able to reliably send text messages, VoIP calls, group chats, broadcasts, alerts and alarms with total peace of mind that they will reach the intended recipient.

No Workarounds Needed

Healthcare organizations around the world have needed to get creative with solutions for everything from patient flow to medical and protective equipment. They’ve had to reroute the way the units in their facilities function and, in some cases, deploy field hospitals to accommodate all of the patients who need care. They’ve had to identify creative and clever ways to provide the same caliber of patient care in spite of staff shortages.

But the one thing they haven’t had to solve for is their communications. We’re proud to be able to provide this level of reach and reliability for our customers so that they’re able to relay critical updates and information to teams across the entire organization.

The coronavirus pandemic has been a great equalizer in more than one way—yes, it does not discriminate against potential carriers—but it has also demonstrated the value and the necessity for scalable and reliable communications, so that every healthcare worker can be reachable.