Mobile Heartbeat Blog Authors

Ron Remy – Chief Executive Officer

Ron brings over 20 years of technology management and leadership experience to Mobile Heartbeat. Previously, he was the President and CEO of Auspice Corporation, a developer of software for the broadband cable industry, acquired by Arris (NASDAQ:ARRS). Ron’s previous leadership positions include Chief Operating Officer of Modiv Media and BioMed 20/20 Technologies. Ron began his career as a systems engineer for Sun Microsystems. Mr. Remy holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Brown University and an MBA from Harvard University.

Jack Mark – Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Starting his career as a scientist at Bell Labs, Jack has over 30 years of bringing new technology to market. Jack honed his technical skills as one of the designers of the Unix operating system. He then went on to build Unilever’s first global brand-management and innovation management ‘team-working’ system, Tesco’s home shopping platform, and Stop & Shop’s first mobile personal shopping devices (for self- checkout, loyalty, and mobile promotions). Jack used his extensive wireless, mobility, User Experience (UX) and security expertise to found Mobile Heartbeat in 2009 and has continued leading the company’s product development efforts. Jack has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University and an MS in Computer Science from Columbia University.

Jamie Brasseal – VP of Sales and Marketing

Joining the company in 2013, Jamie has over 25 years of experience in sales and executive management in the information technology and services industries. Prior to joining Mobile Heartbeat, Jamie was executive director of sales with Dell Healthcare where he led a sales team responsible for healthcare information technology and professional services. Prior to Dell, Jamie was vice president of sales for NPA West and has led sales teams at EMC and Network Appliance. Prior to his career in sales, Jamie was a senior engineer and technical support director at Data General. Jamie has degrees in Business Administration from San Jose State University and Electronic Engineering from Mission College in Santa Clara, CA.

Mike Iwanek – Director, Product Management and Product Marketing

Mike is responsible for ensuring that Mobile Heartbeat has the products to meet the market need. Working to bridge the gap between customers’ needs and product development, Mike oversees the design and implementation of all Mobile Heartbeat’s best-in-class products. As the chief customer evangelist for MH-CURE, Mike drives the company product marketing activities. With the company since its founding in 2009, Mike has held prior positions in Quality Assurance, Operational Support and Customer Service. Mike holds a BA in Modern History from the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom.

Mike Kellstrand – Principal Software Architect

Mike brings over 25 years of software engineering experience to the development of mobile applications and server side systems for Mobile Heartbeat.  He led engineering teams at Modiv Media and Catalina Marketing to develop numerous consumer mobile applications including the first complete in-store shopping solution for iOS. Mike previously developed advanced network software at 3Com and telephony products at Brooktrout Technology.  Mike began his career designing fault-tolerant software at Stratus Computer after attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Kimberly Martin – Senior Project Manager

Kimberly is responsible for providing direction and support to project sites. She works closely with customers to ensure the product is meeting their needs and expectations. Kimberly has worked at Mobile Heartbeat since September 2013. She holds a BS in Health Science, and an MPH (Master of Public Health) from Northeastern University.

James Webb – Vice President, Professional Services

James has been working with Smartphone implementation in Healthcare Mobility since the inception of Mobile Heartbeat. Initially working in change management and workflow optimization in the UK, James has overseen every project and deployment of Mobile Heartbeat in the US. James has a degree in Chemistry from the University of Warwick.

Rachel Shipman – Product Manager

As a member of Mobile Heartbeat’s product management team Rachel spends her days researching the market, analyzing customer needs and designing valuable and usable solutions to meet those needs. With a background in project management, user experience and business analysis she is able to leverage past experience to further enhance Mobile Heartbeat’s best-in-class products. Rachel holds a BS in Business Administration from Colorado State University and an MS in Human Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University.