Last week Mobile Heartbeat attended the Magnet ANCC trade show in Dallas, Texas. We had the opportunity to talk to a lot of caregivers about their experiences with mobility and I wanted to share some of our findings with you.

 What we learned

There is a real need for solutions such as our MH-CURE software that mobilize communications, alerts and alarms and clinical data in healthcare. I spoke with many nurses who described horror stories of how difficult it was to make contact with other key caregivers (nurse to physician communication was a repeated example), or the difficulty of finding a WoW just to look up basic patient information, or the struggle to stay on top of all the patient alarms that are sounding in a clinical unit.

With MH-CURE, nurses have all these features and functionalities available on one handheld device that the nurse carries at all times. The efficiency gains can transform the amount of time spent on patient care – communication times can be reduced from 15 minutes to 15 seconds. Alarms become patient-specific and are delivered to the correct caregiver based on who is in the patient care team, and patient clinical information is available in two clicks on any MH-CURE device.

Thanks and see you again

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth – it was great to have the opportunity to meet you and we look forward to talking to you soon!