This November 6-8 brings the third annual Mobile Heartbeat User Group. With three action-packed days of innovative and collaborative sessions, training and networking opportunities, this year’s MHUG brings more insights than ever before. But before you get yourself registered, check out some of the things we’re most excited for.

1. Become an Expert

Technology adoption is an industry-wide pain point. But MH-CURE is designed to relieve the fatigue and burnout that comes with juggling multiple devices. So the best way to encourage adoption is through education—unlock all the platform’s capabilities and customizations so you can maximize the benefits you see in your hospital.

graphic describing the details of MHUG 2019

“This is a great way to learn more about how staff can use MH-CURE more comprehensively,” said James Webb, Vice President of Professional Services and Mobile Heartbeat, “and to provide guidance to other users by really understanding all of the settings and configurations that you can use to customize your MH-CURE system.”

Once you’ve soaked up all of the tips and tricks of our platform, you can pass them on to physician champions, unit leaders and end users.

2. Enjoy Workshop Wednesday

We heard you loud and clear: more workshops! Last year our collaborative breakout sessions were a huge hit, so this year we’re dedicating a whole day to them. Attending these Wednesday sessions will give you a chance to share ideas and solutions with our other customers.

“Our hope is that people will come away with a deeper understanding of the platform and how they can leverage it to benefit staff and patients alike,” Webb said, “talking with other forward-thinking health systems about how they are addressing similar changes using technology and workflow challenges in the new age of healthcare mobility”.

It’ll be a great opportunity to gain new perspectives and provide some of your own expertise.

3. Improve Critical Event Communication

It seems that critical events and emergencies, such as natural and man-made disasters, are becoming more common. How can hospitals prepare for and mitigate problems during these incidents?

We’ve organized a panel of world-class CNIOs who have experienced these critical events firsthand at their facilities to discuss the measures they’ve taken. They’ll be discussing the implementation of HICS methodology and how you can leverage clinical communication tools operationally to deploy and manage your incident command center, security, supplies, staff and even public relations teams.

4. Meet Other Customers and Partners

This year we’re doubling down on networking opportunities for our customers. Wednesday night we’re hosting a welcome reception with some Mobile Heartbeat partners, including Apple and Cisco. Enjoy the great food, games and live entertainment at Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort’s private, on-site ranch.

hilton tapatio cliffs ranch reception

Immerse yourself in Arizona nature with a guided hike, biking trails, morning yoga or tee time at the manicured golf course on the premises.

On Thursday, we’ll be dressing things up with a cocktail reception. Mingle with other customers and partners while dining on exquisite food. Reflect on the last two days of innovation and idea sharing in a gorgeous, mountain-top restaurant overlooking the Phoenix skyline.

5. Do as the Phoenicians Do

While the last two MHUG conferences were in South Florida, we decided to move things out west to Phoenix, Arizona, in order to be closer to many of our customers and partners.

“It’s easy for many of our customers to get to Phoenix, as it’s a travel hub,” Webb said. “We chose the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort because it’s a true resort with many amenities, like a full-service spa, golf course, eight pools and lots of local activities.”

hilton tapatio cliffs resort golf course


Additionally, our agenda is designed this year to take full advantage of the resort’s amenities, allowing time for attendees to explore at their own pace without compromising education and networking opportunities.

These are just five of the things we’re looking forward to this November. MHUG will be an action-packed three days, with plenty of time for networking and entertainment. We’ve also reserved our group rate for the three days before and after MHUG so that you can fully enjoy the area amenities. The deadline to register is October 22.

Register today for $199 to reserve your spot! Full agenda forthcoming.