As 2019 draws to a close, we’re reflecting on the strides we made as a company and as a communication and collaboration solution. With new technology and exciting integration opportunities on the horizon, Mobile Heartbeat has demonstrated a significant impact on healthcare in 2019. Read on for a look at what we’re most proud of.

A Year of Growth

In hard numbers alone, we’ve got a lot to celebrate: We cracked 200,000 monthly active users, doubling our record from 2018. We have facilitated over 33 million communication events across all our users in a single month. We have deployed our platform on over 100,000 iPhones, and we’re just heating up. This is astronomical growth, and we owe it to our customers. Without such widespread engagement and adoption that they’ve helped us foster, we wouldn’t have such great activity metrics.

We see this growth continuing into 2020—with new customers getting ready to go live and existing customers expanding across more of their facilities, we expect we’ll crack 300,000 monthly active users before you know it.

A Year of Enhancements

But we didn’t just scale in 2019. We also put a ton of work into our platform to make it work better for care teams. From a massive alerting revamp, to improved UX updates, to a totally overhauled way to locate colleagues, MH-CURE brought the CC&C experience to the next level. This year we added multi-unit assignment to our cache of capabilities, along with the ability to set custom status messages, tag other team members, and set Dynamic Roles as favorites for easy access. Clinicians can now escalate and respond to critical alerts directly from within the notification and customize the sound of their alerts by type.

In 2020, these enhancements will help clinicians provide a safer, more effective environment of care to improve the patient experience. As more and more care teams leverage these developments, collaboration is sure to improve.

A Year of Partnerships

In 2019 we rolled out MH-CURE to 60 new customer facilities. We also developed new partnerships, enabling improved workflows and interoperability for all of our care teams, including support for the following:

  • Real-time video interpretation
  • Medical and drug reference apps
  • IV compatibility apps
  • Rounding
  • Patient monitoring

These are only some of the new features we have worked with partners to enable through our platform in 2019. We built on these relationships during our third annual user group conference, MHUG 2019. At this year’s MHUG we heard from customers and partners alike about their collaboration with Mobile Heartbeat to improve the patient experience and reduce the cognitive load clinicians are burdened by. We also provided a look into our 2020 product roadmap, so that our customers and partners can have a better idea of what to expect from us and how we can work together to continue optimizing patient care.

We are invested in interoperability and we expect these partnerships and integrations to expand in 2020. Like us, many of our partners are dedicated to providing more opportunities to integrate in order to optimize clinical operations. Together we will continue to invest in extensibility.

Looking Forward

As 2019 winds down, we are kicking into gear for next year. We’re proud of everything we’ve accomplished in these 12 months and look forward to building on this foundation.

Already, the trends for 2020 are emerging: the proliferation of big data, the importance of integration and the emphasis hospitals are now placing on intelligent technology. We at Mobile Heartbeat will continue to anticipate these trends and work in concert with them as new opportunities arise to better serve our customers.

We’re excited about all of the forthcoming features and capabilities we will have to show you. We hope to see you at HIMSS20 in March to give you a sneak peek!