As hospitals migrate their staff away from analog devices onto mobile technology, the number of apps and programs a clinician needs to use has skyrocketed. Where once physicians and nurses juggled several disparate devices, they now face the challenge of managing those devices and switching between everything from telemetry apps to EHR portals to communication platforms, all of which require a unique log-in.

Similarly, our customers have continued to make the most of MH-CURE® software and they’ve used our software to centralize their various apps. They’ve shared with us the applications that have become integral to their daily work, and our partnerships with these products have allowed us to create a seamless bridge to them within our platform.

We call this bridge InterApp Launch Points™. MH-CURE users can have as many of them as they need, without restrictions and at no extra cost—and they’re entirely in the admin’s control via the MH-CURE Web Admin settings.

It works the same way as saving apps to your personal smartphone: If you have an app, webpage, program or document that you’d like to keep handy, an MH-CURE admin can save that app or webpage as a button to the dashboard so that all relevant users can tap to it without leaving the MH-CURE home screen.

Taking It One Step Further With Partnerships

We have a growing list of partners who have already leveraged our CURE Connect™ Interoperability Program to develop more efficient, user-friendly workflows within MH-CURE. For example, to transfer patient information securely or to enable new and different features. In those cases, we actively reach out to those third parties to form an integration partnership so that we can customize the experience in a way that works seamlessly from the MH-CURE environment.

As a result, users get a customized, app-to-app workflow that’s been comprehensively certified to work with MH-CURE—and, we should add, is still free for customers of Mobile Heartbeat’s solution.

Of course, not all InterApp Launch Points are partners—but we’re growing our partnership list at a rapid pace, and we’re always looking for new partner suggestions from our customers or other innovative healthcare companies. If you have ideas on partnerships we should explore in the future, email partnerships@mobileheartbeat.comand let’s talk about it.

Top 10 InterApp Launch Points

So what are the top 10 InterApp Launch Points, according to MH-CURE users? We’ve heard from our customers that these favorites are among their must-have essentials:

1. Stratus Video

For our customers who use Stratus Video for their video-based medical interpretation services, they’ve found this certified-partner app an essential tool to add to their MH-CURE home screen. After tapping the Stratus Video launch point, in a matter of seconds, you can go from the MH-CURE environment to a live video session with a certified medical interpreter for the language you need.

2. AirStrip ONE

The collaborative partnership between the MH-CURE Platform and AirStrip ONE allows clinicians to access their patient’s live waveforms from anywhere, allowing for faster response times, more efficient clinical workflows and better patient outcomes. If a clinician wants a closer look at their patient’s vitals, they can access those readings within AirStrip ONE with a single tap.

3. Lippincott Advisor

This go-to quick-reference app from Lippincott contains evidence-based information for nurses, from signs and symptoms to diseases, diagnostic tests and treatments. With an InterApp Launch Point to the certified-partner app, nurses can access everything from the MH-CURE dashboard.

4. Lippincott Procedures

This certified-partner app, also from Lippincott, provides quick-reference materials for a variety of procedures, with options to customize procedure manuals by facility. Adding it as a launch point makes this a seamless part of the MH-CURE home screen.

5. Micromedex Applications

For customers who use Micromedex’s suite of web applications for patient care notes, IV compatibility and more, adding InterApp Launch Points for each app makes them available straight from MH-CURE. That way, you’re not having to toggle between separate applications when collaborating with care team members.

6. Calculator

Yes, you know what this is. Simply put, clinicians need to calculate quickly—and they don’t want to switch back and forth between devices and apps to do it. Adding a calculator app as an InterApp Launch Point takes 10 seconds to set-up and has saved the sanity of many an MH-CURE user.

7. Hospital Protocols and Training Videos

Hospitals tend to be large organizations—there are always new hires requiring training on everything from general onboarding to specific hospital protocols. Leverage InterApp Launch Points by linking directly to your videos, that way new (or even seasoned) employees can brush up on regulations and procedures without having to go on a wild chase looking for them. While you’re at it, why not add your emergency protocol documents, just so everyone has them handy in case of a critical event? Doing so can ensure that everyone has access to the correct version of the documents, without needing to fumble around in an office drawer.

8. Nobl Health Vigilance

For those who use Nobl Health’s web-based rounding tools, it’s easy to make an InterApp Launch Point to access them. This helps users integrate even more workflow activities into a single platform.

9. Doximity

Doximity‘s call-masking dialer allows physicians to disguise their phone numbers, so if they’re using a personal device, they can communicate and collaborate with the care team without compromising their privacy.

10. UpToDate

Most clinicians rarely go a day without referring to a page on UpToDate for guidelines and information. Add it as a launch point within MH-CURE, and you might wonder why you never did before.

Interoperability is in Your Control

Keep in mind that MH-CURE admins can configure, add and remove InterApp Launch Points directly from their user settings—and there is no limit on the number of points you can add. Even better, launch points are adaptable by user role and facility. So if cardiac residents need a special app that nurses don’t or vice versa, you can make it happen.

See something on this list you don’t already have set up as an InterApp Launch Point? Add it today—or better yet, think through all the applications and tools you use. How many of them can be added as launch points? Likely most or all of them—so make the most of this free feature, because there’s probably an essential app (or 10) waiting in the wings for you.