Benefits for IT

  • Powerful clinical communications without the headaches

Ensure Security and HIPAA Compliance

When it comes to safeguarding protected health information (PHI), the buck stops with IT. A security breach that compromises patient information and violates the HIPAA 2013 omnibus rule could lead to significant penalties.

Mobile Heartbeat safeguards sensitive information and supports HIPAA compliance with solutions that:

  • Protect PHI with secure messaging and robust, end-to-end encryption—on smartphones, in flight and on servers.
  • Ensure only the intended recipient has access to PHI with intelligent, role-based, secure messaging.
  • Allow the use of shared smartphones without compromising privacy; our QuickLaunch™ docking station securely wipes all data automatically when phones are placed in the rack.

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Empower Clinical Users

There’s nothing worse than investing time and money rolling out new technology solutions only to find that users don’t use it. IT needs to deliver solutions that clinicians need, want and value.

Mobile Heartbeat meets that challenge with clinical communications and collaboration solutions that:

  • Have a solid track record of high user adoption rates and satisfaction scores at major health systems—clinicians use MH-CURE because they want to, not because they have to.
  • Make clinicians happy, while maintaining centralized IT control and administration over secure messaging apps.
  • Increase clinician satisfaction with IT.

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Connect the Entire Enterprise

At many health systems, clinical communications are handled by a patchwork of point solutions and standalone apps that were never designed to support an entire enterprise. They may work in a pilot deployment, but then fail miserably when scaled up to serve large numbers of users.

Mobile Heartbeat changes this paradigm with a true enterprise solution that offers:

  • Multi-hospital, multi-campus communications with high availability, load balancing and easy, centralized management.
  • Massive scalability; at one of the nation’s largest health systems, Mobile Heartbeat supports more than 100,000 users across 170 facilities.
  • A consistent user experience across the entire enterprise.

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Integrate Easily with Diverse Systems

Achieving truly unified communications requires technology that plays nice with other systems. Yet many clinical communications products require costly and complex integration work-arounds to do what they claim.

Mobile Heartbeat takes clinical communications integration to the next level with solutions that:

  • Are designed from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with leading nurse call, EMR, LIS, and ADT systems from a variety of vendors.
  • Integrate directly with Cisco PBX systems to deliver an exceptional voice experience on smartphones.
  • Integrate with all the leading nurse call systems; we even support proprietary Responder® 5 ring tones familiar to clinicians.
  • Marries caregiver and patient data through a single, Dynamic Care Team view—without requiring costly and complex middleware.

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Experience MH-CURE

See firsthand how MH-CURE transforms clinical communication and collaboration.

Implementing Smartphone Technology

Key considerations for deploying smartphone technology in hospital settings.