Benefits for Clinicians

  • Finally, the freedom to focus on patient care

Increase clinical efficiency

Just finding another physician is one of the toughest challenges for clinicians—one they have little control over. Tracking down other care team members and pertinent patient information wastes valuable time and energy, and takes clinicians away from the bedside. The result: decreased productivity and higher costs.

By providing immediate access to on-duty care team members through patient-specific workflows, Mobile Heartbeat solutions:

  • Shorten the time to connect with other care team members by up to 65%.
  • Eliminate the need to track down people and data, keeping clinicians at the bedside.
  • Reduce the number of physical steps by 38%.

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Improve care quality

The faster you can access the right information and expertise, the better care you can provide. But too often, clinicians find themselves waiting for critical lab results or having difficulty connecting with consulting physicians. This can delay clinical decisions and interventions.

By accelerating access to pertinent patient data and care team members—including remote physicians—Mobile Heartbeat solutions:

  • Expedite clinical decisions and interventions, which can improve outcomes.
  • Dramatically improve care team responsiveness.
  • Enable rapid, remote consultation or follow-up by physicians, no matter where they are.

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Transform the patient experience

In a value-based care environment, patient satisfaction is a priority. You need to create environments that are responsive to the needs of patients and families—including the need to reduce stress. Easier said than done. Clinical communications are interrupt-driven and emergent by nature, making it difficult to create a calm, patient-friendly environment.

By providing rapid, role-based directed messaging among care team members, Mobile Heartbeat solutions:

  • Eliminate unnecessary overhead pages, audible alerts and ringing phones, creating a more serene environment.
  • Accelerate clinical response times to patient calls and care team requests.
  • Help drive patient satisfaction and improved HCAHPS scores.

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Enhance operational performance

Are you meeting your numbers? Clinicians are under increasing pressure to improve operational metrics—from increasing ED throughput to reducing ambulance diversions, length of stay and preventable readmissions. And you need to achieve these without losing focus on care quality.

By facilitating rapid, actionable care team communication and collaboration, Mobile Heartbeat solutions:

  • Help accelerate appropriate intervention and avoid delays in treatment.
  • Dramatically improve operational efficiency, from the moment a patient presents until they are discharged.
  • Improve communications between hospital staff and the patient’s PCP and other providers, helping ensure no orders fall through the cracks at discharge.

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Case Study: Yale-New Haven Hospital

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