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Future-Proofing Your CC&C Implementation

Putting our internal plans in place for 2018 got me thinking about what is on the minds of prospective Clinical Communication and Collaboration clients for the year ahead. So, I asked the following question on a recent prospective client visit: “Since you’re planning for a CC&C project in 2018, what’s keeping you awake at night […]

What do you do with 100,000 iPhones?

On Tuesday, January 30, 2018 during the 4th Quarter Earnings call for Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), Milton Johnson, the corporation’s CEO, announced that HCA is buying 100,000 iPhones. These smartphones will all be utilizing our MH-CURE software throughout the enterprise and we are proud of our role in making HCA a mobility-enabled company. We’re […]

Trendspotting: CES 2018

I’d like to take an intermission from our posts on Clinical Communication & Collaboration and provide some trend-spotting on technology. I’ve been writing a technology blog separate from Mobile Heartbeat for some time ─ it’s actually a hobby of mine ─ and the inspiration for most of the articles stems from my visits to the […]

CC&C: 2017 Review – 2018 Preview: Scaling the Pyramid

It’s a frosty 7 degrees Fahrenheit outside right now, but thankfully we’re nearing the end of this first (and very lengthy) cold snap.  That means two things; 1) winter has really arrived in New England, 2) it’s time to review 2017 and look into the crystal ball for 2018. What happened in the Clinical Communications […]

Making Mobility “Future Proof”

We just hosted our first Mobile Heartbeat Users Group (MHUG) meeting where our clients were gathered for 2 days of clinical, technical and product information sharing. It was fantastic to see our clients interacting and sharing their challenges, goals and success stories, as they deploy smartphones featuring our software. My favorite moments were when customers […]

HIMSS-Time 2017

Scheduling meetings at HIMSS is like trying to put together a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle where 10% of the pieces change their shape each day. Every attendee is trying to maximize their time while minimizing the amount of wasted walking (Hint: wear comfortable shoes). Let’s get a couple of events on your calendar. We would like […]

Pagers RIP

Check out Leonard Nimoy advertising old school pagers in this 1979 commercial. This was the year that I graduated from high school and, since 1979, much has appeared in the technology market and then subsequently become obsolete. For example: DVRs CDs The IBM PC The Walkman The FAX machine But, amazingly, the focus of this […]

Happy New Year!

Our blog has been quiet, so my first resolution for 2017 is: “Get writing!” To fulfill my promise, I thought that I would start off the New Year talking about our big news from last fall – namely, becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of HCA. Many customers and partners are curious about the impact this […]

“We Gotta Wear Shades”

Things are going great, and they’re only getting better I’m doing all right, getting good grades The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades Those of you who read these blog posts have seen lyrics from some of my favorite tunes find their way into the articles. My love of alternative music from the 80’s […]

Who Ya Textin’?

Time for some fun facts and insights based on the raw data behind the various communications channels in a Clinical Communications & Collaboration (CC&C) deployment. Here is the relevant data for this real world installation: Number of users: 440 Number of Communication Events Processed: 70,000+ Time frame: 6 weeks Who is using the CC&C system? […]