2014 – The Year in Review

On behalf of all of us at Mobile Heartbeat, Happy Holidays! It’s been an exciting year in the Clinical Communications market and as we look back on the past 12 months here is what we’ve learned:

Secure Texting is a feature – not a product
: one consistent theme from prospective customers is that the need to resolve potential HIPAA compliance issues around texting is real and immediate. However, the conversation quickly changes to “what else can I do with a smartphone in a clinical setting?” Making the investment and deploying smartphones throughout a facility should generate usage well beyond simply texting “OK” several times per day.

Make it connect – don’t make it a silo: clinicians need access to patient-specific information from a variety of sources and legacy systems. Smartphones and software must breakdown these traditional barriers, instead of merely putting up new ones.

Security first, Security last, Security always: as 2014 winds down, everyday a new cyber threat emerges or a recently announced data breach is uncovered. Clinical IT systems are not immune to these threats so security must be job #1.

We’ll be back in the first week of January with our 2015 Preview and we look forward to working with you in the New Year.