Enterprise Grade Solution

In June 2013, MH-CURE™ was selected as the mobility platform solution of choice by the Hospital Corporation of America, the largest hospital network in North America.

MH-CURE is the market leading solution suitable for enterprise deployment at the largest healthcare systems.

At Mobile Heartbeat, enterprise grade means:

  • Multi-facility support from one instance of software. Clinicians can work and collaborate across facilities
  • Scalability to support 100,000 users across multiple facilities
  • Support for all types of users with same solution and experience. All users, whether clinicians or ancillary staff, using shared devices or BYOD, work from the same solution and user experience
  • Support within the hospital(s) and also within the connected communities

As hospital networks grow, the MH-CURE solution is proven to provide the same responsive user experience for hundreds and thousands of users simultaneously – all talking to one another across multiple hospitals.

One of our largest deployments is scaled to provide for 90 hospitals and process over 350,000 texts every day, all for one health system with a unified experience for every user. Authorized clinicians are able to access the patients they are responsible for across the health system from one app on one device. MH-CURE eliminates the need for unnecessary duplication and different processes for each hospital.

MH-CURE backs up its enterprise credentials with enterprise grade security features including (but not limited to) end-to-end HIPAA-compliant encryption, full integration into Active Directory and complete access controls.

Enterprise Grade Solution

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