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Learn how the features and functions of MH-CURE help clinicians improve efficiency, communication, and patient satisfaction.  The combination of a secure smartphone application and server software forms the core technology for MH-CURE.


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Learn how Mobile Heartbeat’s Customer Support Staff is available 24/7 to help you address any needs or issues that may arise while using MH-CURE™ clinical communications smartphone products. Our goal is to provide a positive and exceptional support experience while helping you to fully maximize our products.


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Customer Case Studies

Learn how Yale New Haven Hospital streamlined its clinical communications, improving clinical workflow and tying clinicians closer to the patient as well as others involved in patient care employing smartphone technology from Mobile Heartbeat.

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Learn how Charlotte Hungerford Hospital found that mobile devices dramatically changed the way healthcare professionals communicate in a hospital environment. Caregivers were able to deliver more efficient patient care, spent more time with patients, improved the patient experience, and gained a higher level of job satisfaction.

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Mobile devices are dramatically changing the way healthcare professionals communicate in a hospital environment and smartphones are becoming the primary mechanism for communication between caregivers.

Read this whitepaper to learn how choosing the right solution can deliver significant results including increased staff efficiency, increased revenue and lower costs, and, above all, better patient care.

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In this age of healthcare reform and ever-present cost pressures, clinicians are busier than ever. It’s easy to see the value in tools that allow doctors to increase their efficiency and focus more of their attention on taking care of patients.

Download and use this eBook as a reference to learn how doctors can view patient-specific data on their smartphones and receive lab results. This means physicians don’t have to spend time making their way to a computer to get information. It’s right on their phones. Armed with that information, they can quickly communicate with other providers involved in that patient’s care. The platform also gives physicians the potential to send HIPAA-compliant text message.

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Much of the healthcare industry still conducts business by using older systems – including pagers and paper-based written records – which are not suitable for managing the clinical workflow requirements of modern healthcare organizations. With billions of dollars wasted annually in the US hospitals as a result of communication deficiencies, there is a clear need for a secure, advanced, and easy-to-use system that can address existing communication challenges.

Download this report to read Frost & Sullivan’s independent analysis that clearly shows how Mobile Heartbeat has successfully established itself as a leading provider of an integrated, holistic, flexible, and open secure mobile clinical communication solution.

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Clinical Communication & Collaboration

Mobile Heartbeat offers hospitals and their staff a Feature Rich, Clinically Designed, Communication Platform for Patient Care Coordination. We enable a quieter hospital, accelerate “live contact” among providers, and allow clinicians more time at the patient’s bedside.


Deploying smartphone technology for each and every member of your in-motion staff can be prohibitively expensive. Mobile Heartbeat’s Quicklaunch system enables staff to select and use any device from a shared pool of smartphones.

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