QuickLaunch™ is our solution that provides shared device users quick and easy access to MH-CURE by allowing them to simply swipe their ID badge to login.

With QuickLaunch, a clinician taps their badge, picks up a phone and is securely and automatically logged in to MH-CURE. The device is automatically configured specifically for that user, instantaneously syncing preferences, patient assignments, and phone extension. Now, all phone calls, texts, alerts, and assignments will be delivered to the palm of their hand.

At the end of the day, the clinician simply places the device back in the charging rack and is automatically logged out of the system, securely wiping all clinical data from the device. Once the device is charged, it’s ready to go for the next user, maximizing the hospital’s investment in smartphone technology by providing a best in class model for shared mobile devices.

QuickLaunch balances the clinician’s need for a fast, simple and intuitive single sign on experience with the administrator’s need for security and device management.


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