About Mobile Heartbeat

Mobile Heartbeat™ uses smartphones to improve clinical workflow and team communications, to deliver better patient care at a lower cost. The Mobile Heartbeat solution consolidates clinical communications, including alarms and notifications, pertinent patient information and lab data, secure texting, voice, and photography. Based upon its Clinical Urgent Response (MH-CURE®) technology, Mobile Heartbeat provides a real-time clinical team directory and workflow capability that efficiently connects all members of the patients’ care team both inside and outside the hospital. Eliminating the need for multiple devices, searching for caregivers or hunting for lab data, Mobile Heartbeat provides a highly efficient, patient-specific, clinical team collaboration solution.

Our History

The Mobile Heartbeat team has been focused on clinical communications since it’s founding in 2009. We understood that the modern clinician requires an integrated smartphone product with four core capabilities:

  • VoIP for shared devices (devices that stay in the hospital) and cellular calling for personal devices
  • Secure HIPAA text messaging
  • Quick and easy viewing of patient information
  • Delivery of personalized notifications from legacy hospital systems

The Mobile Heartbeat team was uniquely positioned to deliver a solution, both smartphone application and server (or cloud) software to meet this challenge. We have significant experience in:

  • Building smartphone and handheld software
  • Working in challenging wireless environments
  • Protecting and securing personal information
  • Deploying multi-site, complex systems
  • HIPAA compliant texting

Our first customer installed our MH-CURE software in the September 2011. Additional customers helped us expand our product offering to include care team presence/absence, photography and physician consultations. Today, multiple hospitals across the country use our solutions to improve clinical communications, improve quality of care, and lower care delivery costs.

Our Difference

Building great products and customer relationships has been possible due to our critical focus areas:

  1. Our products securely transcend the boundaries of the care facility, allowing access to people and information no matter where they are.
  2. A clinician traditionally had to go and seek out information by finding a workstation to “pull” the needed data. We believe that clinical information should be “pushed” to the care team via secure texting and other HIPAA compliant methods.
  3. We believe in off-the-shelf hardware. Our software runs on standard smartphones and servers that are available from a variety of sources. No custom hardware!
  4. Our HIPAA compliant software does not require extensive training. Our user interface is clean, concise and intuitive.
  5. Our products use industry standards and have the ability to share information with other products.

Focusing on our products and customers may not make us look flashy, but we believe it provides excellent value to our users. We look forward to working with you.

About Mobile Heartbeat

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